Chapter 8.20


8.20.010    Concessions—Itinerant eating places—Regulations.

8.20.020    Mobile food dispensing unit—Regulations.

8.20.010 Concessions—Itinerant eating places—Regulations.

A.    All concessions shall be covered with some type of roof. The minimum shall be at least a covering of canvas over the entire food preparation and dispensing area of the concession.

B.    All areas within the concession used for open cooking and frying shall be properly protected from dust and other contamination by enclosing this area with suitable protection on at least three sides by solid material (may be transparent) fourth side screened. Other acceptable means may be used if approved by the health officer.

C.    The floor area within any food preparation and dispensing area shall be covered with a suitable floor which is cleanable and which can be kept in a sanitary condition. Rice hull, shavings, or sawdust are not allowed.

D.    All foods shall be stored at a minimum of twelve inches above the floor level. In a storeroom, a 6-inch food storage level may be maintained with the approval of the health officer.

E.    All prepared food displayed for sale within the concession shall be properly protected with sneeze boards or covered with portable covers.

F.    All areas within the food concession that are used for the storage, display, and cooking of food must be kept free of flies by proper screening or other approved methods.

G.    All ice for snow cones and like drinks shall be clean and kept in approved containers.

H.    All foods offered for sale that are prepared elsewhere must be prepared in an approved kitchen on the grounds or from an approved premise under health department supervision.

I.    All transportation of any prepared food from place of origin to place of selling must be in a closed dustproof container.

J.    The mixing containers used for the preparation of spun candy must be free of cracks and such candy shall be made in adequately enclosed machine.

K.    All eating and drinking utensils used for service by the concession shall be single service type. The exception to this rule is when there are properly equipped and established restaurants, unless sanitization procedures and methods within the concession have been approved by the health department.

L.    Refrigeration for all perishable food in a food handling establishment shall be constantly maintained at fifty degrees Fahrenheit or lower except when being prepared or served, and refrigeration shall be of a capacity so as to eliminate congestion of food and to provide for rapid cooling of all goods stored. All refrigerators shall be kept in a clean condition and in good repair at all times and drains in all walk-in refrigerators and/or refrigerated display cases installed after the effective date of this ordinance shall be connected by air gap separation with the sewer; same to comply with the plumbing laws of the city. There shall be an accurate thermometer in each separate refrigeration unit. Refrigeration facilities shall be provided within the concessionaire’s stand for foods of immediate use.

M.    All cream filled products such as cream puffs, cream pies and the like shall be prohibited from being received, handled or sold at concessions unless kept under fifty degrees Fahrenheit until time of sale.

N.    Water used in concessions shall be from an approved public supply.

O.    Adequate and convenient toilet and handwashing facilities shall be available on the grounds.

P.    All garbage and refuse shall be kept in tightly enclosed containers except when in use, and shall be removed at least daily. (Prior code § 9480)

8.20.020 Mobile food dispensing unit—Regulations.

A.    All vehicles shall be so constructed so that food or beverage is reasonably protected from dust and other contamination.

B.    The food dispensing unit where food is stored shall be constructed of metal or other material which is impervious to moisture and shall be of a smooth, washable surface and shall be kept in good repair.

C.    The food compartment of the vehicle shall be sealed off from the driver compartment. All outside doors shall be tight fitting during transit by use of rubber gaskets or like material.

D.    Shelving used in all mobile units shall be of metal or other impervious material. Shelves shall be so constructed so they can be removed or be easily cleaned.

E.    All readily perishable food or beverage, capable of supporting rapid and progressive growth of micro-organisms which can cause food infections or food intoxications, shall be maintained at or below a temperature of fifty degrees Fahrenheit, unless being maintained hot for serving.

F.    All readily perishable food or beverages, capable of supporting rapid and progressive growth of micro-organisms which can cause food infections or food intoxications, when being maintained hot for serving, shall be maintained at or above one hundred forty degrees Fahrenheit. An accurate thermometer suitable for measuring temperature of the units shall be kept readily available.

G.    All coffee and food heating units shall be constructed of metal or other nonabsorbent material with all interior surfaces and component parts of the containers or units so designed and constructed as to permit easy cleaning and shall be kept clean. All product contact surfaces of the unit shall be of smooth, nontoxic, corrosion resistant, nonabsorbent material and shall be capable of withstanding repeated cleaning and bactericidal treatment by normal procedures. Such surfaces shall be protected against contamination. No coffee or coffee product derivative, or substitute shall be prepared in or upon any industrial catering truck or industrial mobile food dispensing unit or any other place except where hot and cold running water under pressure shall be provided and where the water supply shall be of a safe and sanitary quality.

H.    All merchandise dispensed, except in liquid form, shall be maintained for sale in individual containers or wrappers unless specific approval shall be granted by the health department to the contrary. Only single service utensils shall be used for serving food or drink and shall be dispensed from approved dispenser properly located inside of food compartment or otherwise protected from dust, insects, or contamination.

I.    All vehicles shall have a base of operation which conforms with the provision of the city food sanitation ordinance and each vehicle shall pass inspection and be covered with a permit to operate from the health officer.

J.    Each vehicle shall have lettered signs on each side as follows:

1.    Company name used in letters of not less than four inches in height;

2.    Sacramento County permit number assigned operator of vehicle or mobile equipment in letters of not less than two inches in height. (Prior code § 9485)