Chapter 8.24


8.24.010    Authority.

8.24.020    Advisory board created.

8.24.030    Violation—Penalty.

8.24.040    Nuisance declared.

8.24.050    Exemptions.

8.24.010 Authority.

The health officer, and his duly authorized agents, is charged with the enforcement of the provisions of this title.

The health officer, and his duly authorized agents, may at all reasonable times enter any food handling establishment or any place suspected of being a food handling establishment to inspect the premises and utensils, implements, machinery, receptacles, fixtures, furniture, and other equipment, supplies, articles of food, operatives, and employees therein as provided in Chapter 1.08 of this code. (Prior code § 9490)

8.24.020 Advisory board created.

In order to determine the suitability of any equipment or devices, new materials, and revisions or amendments to this chapter, there is created an advisory board.

The advisory board shall consist of thirteen members appointed by the chairman of the board of supervisors pursuant to Section 28 of Sacramento County Ordinance No. 735. (Prior code § 9491)

8.24.030 Violation—Penalty.

Any person violating any provision of this title is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished as provided in Section 1.12.030 of this code. (Prior code § 9492)

8.24.040 Nuisance declared.

In addition to the penalties set forth in this chapter any violation of the provisions of this title is declared a public nuisance. (Prior code § 9493)

8.24.050 Exemptions.

There is exempted from this operation of this title, churches, church societies, private clubs and other nonprofit associations of a religious, philanthropic, civic, improvement, social, political, or educational nature which purchase or receive donations of food for service without charge to members or for service or sale at a reasonable charge to members or the general public at occasional fund raising event for consumption on or off serving or selling premises if service or sale of such food does not constitute a primary purpose or function of club or association and if no employee or member is assigned full time to care for or operate equipment used. (Prior code § 9494)