Chapter 10.24


10.24.010    License—Issuance.

10.24.020    License—Effect.

10.24.030    License—Type.

10.24.040    License—Records.

10.24.050    License—Fee.

10.24.060    License—Publicity.

10.24.070    Riding restrictions.

10.24.075    Folsom Dam Road riding prohibition.

10.24.080    Impoundment.

10.24.090    Passenger prohibited.

10.24.100    Minor requirements.

10.24.110    Public auction.

10.24.120    Violation—Penalty.

10.24.010 License—Issuance.

The chief of police or his designee shall issue upon written application, bicycle licenses which shall be effective until January 1, 1979, and shall be issued thereafter with expiration dates of the first day of January of every third year following January, 1979. Any such license shall expire earlier upon the date of transfer of ownership, which shall be reported by the owner to the chief of police. License fees for newly acquired bicycles may be prorated by the chief of police on a quarterly basis. Any person failing to renew a license for a bicycle within 30 days after the date of expiration of its license shall pay a fee of that established in Section 10.24.050. (Ord. 338 (part), 1976: Ord. 301 § 1, 1973: Ord. 285 § 1, 1972; prior code § 9910)

10.24.020 License—Effect.

Licenses, when issued, shall entitle the licensee to operate such bicycle, for which the license has been issued, upon all the streets, alleys, and public highways, exclusive of the sidewalks thereof, of the city. (Prior code § 9911)

10.24.030 License—Type.

The license shall be the license tag or decal designated by the state of California in accordance with Section 39001 of the California Vehicle Code, and shall be permanently affixed to the bicycle in a visible location and which bears a unique number permanently assigned to that bicycle by the state. (Ord. 388 (part), 1976: prior code § 9912)

10.24.040 License—Records.

The chief of police or his designee shall maintain records on each bicycle licensed. Such records shall include but not be limited to the license number, the serial number of the bicycle, the make, type, and model of the bicycle, and the name and address of the licensee. Records shall be maintained during the period of validity of the license or upon notification the bicycle is no longer to be operated. (Ord. 388 (part), 1976: prior code § 9913)

10.24.050 License—Fee.

The license fee to be paid for each bicycle shall be $1 per year and the license shall remain in effect until it expires as set forth in Section 10.24.010. All fees collected shall be retained in a fund known as the “Bicycle Fund” which shall be used for the support of this chapter of the municipal code, to improve bicycle safety programs, and establish bicycle facilities, including bicycle paths and lanes, within the corporate limits of the city. (Ord. 388 (part), 1976: Ord. 285 § 2, 1972: prior code § 9914)

10.24.060 License—Publicity.

The chief of police shall take such steps as are reasonably necessary and desirable to properly give publicity to this chapter and shall work in conjunction with school authorities to see that all bicycles are properly licensed. (Prior code § 9915)

10.24.070 Riding restrictions.

No person shall ride a bicycle upon any sidewalk and the rider of a bicycle upon a roadway shall ride as near as practicable to the right hand curb or edge of the roadway, except when passing a standing vehicle or when making a left turn at an intersection. (Prior code § 9916)

10.24.075 Folsom dam road riding prohibition.

When signs are in place giving notice thereof, it shall be unlawful for any person to ride a bicycle on Folsom Dam Road between Folsom-Auburn Road and East Natoma Street. The violation of this section shall be an infraction and shall be punishable as provided in Government Code Section 36.900(b). (Ord. 618 § 1, 1988)

10.24.080 Impoundment.

Any bicycle being operated at night without proper lighting and reflectors as required by law shall be impounded by the chief of police, until satisfactory assurance is given that the bicycle will be equipped as required by law. (Prior code § 9917)

10.24.090 Passenger prohibited.

No operator of any bicycle shall carry any other person upon the bar, handle, or fender of such bicycle and no person shall so ride upon such bicycle. (Prior code § 9918)

10.24.100 Minor requirements.

The failure to obtain a license as required by this chapter shall not, in the case of any person below the age of majority, constitute a violation of this chapter unless the person owning such bicycle is given written notice of the license requirements and such notice is also given to the parents and guardian of such minor. Notice shall be deemed given if mailed to the address shown on school records. (Prior code § 9919)

10.24.110 Public auction.

The chief of police shall, at least once in each year, cause to be sold at public auction, all unlicensed bicycles coming into his possession as custodian of lost or stolen property. He shall not sell any such bicycle without using reasonable efforts to determine its ownership, and shall not sell such until it has been in his possession at least 3 months. The chief shall cause notice of such sale to be published at least once 5 days prior to such sale, and the sale shall be made to the highest bidder. At the time of sale, the chief may determine to sell all such bicycles as a lot sale, or sell individual parts thereof, or may refuse to sell to any person unless a reasonable price is obtained therefor. He may continue from time to time any advertised sale by reason of lack of bids, without further publication. (Ord. 301 § 2, 1973: Ord. 214 § 1, 1966)

10.24.120 Violation—Penalty.

The chief of police or his designee shall have the right to impound and retain possession of any bicycle in violation of the provisions of this chapter, and may retain possession of such bicycle until the provisions of this chapter are complied with. A fine of $5 shall be imposed for every violation of this chapter pursuant to Section 39011 of the Vehicle Code. (Ord. 338 (part), 1976: Ord. 301 § 2, 1973)