Chapter 18.12


18.12.010    Purpose

18.12.020    Authority

18.12.030    Rules of Interpretation

18.12.010 - Purpose

This Chapter provides rules for resolving questions about the meaning or applicability of any part of this Development Code. The provisions of this Chapter are intended to ensure the consistent interpretation and application of the requirements of this Development Code and the Inland General Plan.

18.12.020 - Authority

The Director has the authority to interpret any provision of this Development Code. Whenever the Director determines that the meaning or applicability of any Development Code requirement is subject to interpretation, the Director may issue an official interpretation. The Director may also refer any issue of interpretation to the Planning Commission for their determination. A decision of the Director may be appealed to the Commission and a decision of the Commission may be appealed to the City Council through the administrative appeal procedure (18.92.020).

18.12.030 - Rules of Interpretation

A.    Language. When used in this Development Code, the words shall, must, will, is to, and are to are always mandatory. “Should” is not mandatory but is strongly recommended; and “may” is permissive. The present tense includes the past and future tenses; and the future tense includes the present. The singular number includes the plural number, and the plural the singular, unless the natural construction of the word indicates otherwise. The words “includes” and “including” shall mean “including but not limited to. . .“

B.    Time limits. Whenever a number of days is specified in this Development Code, or in any permit, condition of approval, or notice provided in compliance with this Development Code, the number of days shall be construed as calendar days. A time limit shall extend to 5 p.m. on the following working day where the last of the specified number of days falls on a weekend, holiday, or other day the City is not open for business.

C.    Zoning Map boundaries. See Section 18.14.020 (Zoning Map and Zoning Districts).

D.    Allowable uses of land. See Section 18.20.030 (Allowable Land Uses and Planning Permit Requirements).

E.    State law requirements. Where this Development Code references applicable provisions of State law (for example, the California Government Code, Subdivision Map Act, or Public Resources Code), the reference shall be construed to be to the applicable State law provisions as they may be amended from time to time.