9.66.010    Definitions

9.66.015    Purpose

9.66.020    Unlawful Camping

9.66.030    Special Event Permit

9.66.040    Storage of Camp Paraphernalia

9.66.050    Penalty for Violation


For purposes of this chapter, the following words shall have the following meaning, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

CAMP OR CAMPING. The use of land or premises for temporary living accommodation purposes for periods of more than eight (8) hours, including to place, pitch, or use Camp Facilities or Camp Paraphernalia for such purposes. Such use constitutes Camping when it reasonably appears, in light of all the circumstances, that the area is being used as a living accommodation regardless of the intent of the person(s) using such area, and regardless of any other activities in which they may also be engaging.

CAMP FACILITIES. Includes, but is not limited to, tents, huts, motor vehicles, recreational vehicles (as defined in California Health and Safety Code Section 18010) or temporary structures, when established, maintained or operated to Camp for periods of more than eight (8) hours.

CAMP PARAPHERNALIA. Includes, but is not limited to, bedrolls, blankets, tarpaulins, cots, beds, sleeping bags, tents, hammocks, items used for cooking food or similar equipment. Camp Paraphernalia also includes other personal effects, when used or stored with Camp Paraphernalia as described herein.

PRIVATE PROPERTY. All private property including, but not limited to, private streets, sidewalks, alleys, and privately owned improved or unimproved land.

PUBLIC PROPERTY. All public property including, but not limited to, public streets, sidewalks, alleys, and improved or unimproved publicly owned land and parks.

SPECIAL OCCUPANCY PARK OR MOBILE HOME PARK. Any area of land within the City licensed pursuant to the California Health and Safety Code as a Mobile Home Park, as defined in California Health and Safety Code Section 18214, or a Special Occupancy Park as defined in California Health and Safety Code Section 18862.43, which has a currently effective City business license, and in which space is rented or held out for Camping.

(Ord. 878, § 6, passed 11-10-2008)

9.66.015 PURPOSE.

The purpose of this Ordinance is to maintain streets, parks and other public and private areas within the City in safe, clean, sanitary and accessible condition in order to adequately protect the health, safety and public welfare of the community, and to limit Camping to circumstances that do not create public and private nuisances or have adverse public safety impacts.

(Ord. 878, § 6, passed 11-10-2008)


It is unlawful and a public nuisance for any person to Camp, establish, maintain, operate or occupy Camp Facilities, or use Camp Paraphernalia in the following areas:

A.    Any public property; or

B.    Any private property, provided, however, that this prohibition does not apply to:

1.    Overnight Camping on private residential property by friends or family of the property owner or person in lawful possession of the property, so long as the owner or lawful occupant consents, and the Camping does not create a public or private nuisance;

2.    Camping in Mobile Home Parks and Special Occupancy Parks; and

3.    Camping on Public or Private Property in connection with a special event, when authorized pursuant to Section 9.66.030.

(Ord. 878, § 6, passed 11-10-2008)


The Community Development Director or his or her designee may issue a Limited Term Permit pursuant to Section 17. 71.030 of the Coastal Land Use & Development Code or Section 18.71.030 of the Land Use & Development Code for camping during special events. Special event,” as used herein, means an event sponsored by the City or a non-profit or community-based organization of not more than 72 hours duration which is conducted for the purpose of promoting sports, education, or other charitable activities.

(Ord. 878, § 6, passed 11-10-2008)


It is unlawful and a public nuisance for any person to store Camp Paraphernalia in the following areas:

A.    Any Public Property; or

B.    Outside a structure on any Private Property without the prior written consent of the owner.

(Ord. 878, § 6, passed 11-10-2008)


Any violation of this Chapter shall be deemed an infraction and upon conviction thereof shall be punishable as provided in Chapter 1.12.

(Ord. 878, § 6, passed 11-10-2008)