10.21.010    Definitions

10.21.020    Use of blue curb spaces

10.21.030    On street parking

10.21.040    Off street - publicly owned facilities

10.21.050    Off street - privately financed facilities

10.21.060    Prohibition

10.21.070    Marking of spaces

10.21.080    Specifications

10.21.090    Alternative parking

10.21.100    Violations

10.21.110    Enforcement

10.21.010 DEFINITIONS.

For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.

BLUE CURB PARKING SPACE. A space as defined by Cal. Vehicle Code § 22511.7 reserved for disabled persons and disabled veterans. The spaces shall be identified, posted and marked as set forth in § 10.21.070(A) of this chapter.

DISABLED PERSON. Means as follows:

1.    Any person who has lost, or has lost the use of, one or more lower extremities or both hands, or who has significant limitation in the use of lower extremities, or who has a diagnosed disease or disorder which substantially impairs or interferes with mobility, or who is so severely disabled as to be unable to move without the aid of an assistant device;

2.    Any person who is blind to such an extent that the person’s central visual acuity does not exceed twenty two hundred in the better eye, with corrective lenses, as measured by the Snellen test, or visual acuity that is greater than twenty two hundred, but with a limitation in the field of vision such that the widest diameter of the visual field subtends an angle not greater than 20 degrees;

3.    Any person who suffers from lung disease to such an extent that his or her forced (respiratory) expiratory volume one second when measured by spirometry is less than one (1) liter or his or her arterial oxygen tension (p02) is less than 60 mm/Hg on room air at rest;

4.    Any person who is impaired by cardiovascular disease to the extent that his or her functional limitations are classified in severity as class III or class IV according to standards accepted by the American Heart Association; and

5.    A disabled veteran as defined by Cal. Vehicle Code § 9105.

(Ord. 531, § 1, passed -- 1980)


Persons using blue curb parking spaces shall comply with the following.

A.    No person shall park or stand any vehicle in a disabled persons parking zone (blue curb space) unless the vehicle bears a special license or displays a special placard issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles under the provisions of Cal. Vehicle Code §§ 9105 or 22511.5.

B.    Blue curb parking spaces shall be operative 24 hours a day, Sundays and holidays included.

C.    Parking zones for disabled persons are subject to any temporary parking prohibitions established by the City.

(Ord. 531, § 2, passed -- 1980)


Pursuant to Cal. Vehicle Code § 22511.7, the Traffic Committee shall designate special blue curb parking spaces for the purpose of providing on street parking for the exclusive use of disabled persons.

(Ord. 873, § 21, passed 8-25-2008)


The Traffic Committee shall designate parking stalls or spaces in publicly owned, leased, or controlled off street parking facilities for the exclusive use of disabled persons.

(Ord. 873, § 22, passed 8-25-2008)


A.    The City hereby declares that there are privately owned and operated parking facilities which may reserve parking stalls for the exclusive use of disabled persons and encourages private owners and employers to so designate and reserve parking spaces for disabled persons. Pursuant to Cal. Vehicle Code § 21107.8, the City Council shall, by resolution, designate privately owned and maintained off street blue curb parking spaces within the City which are held open for use by disabled persons. Upon enactment by the City Council of such a resolution, the infraction provisions of this chapter shall be applicable to privately owned and maintained off street parking facilities so designated by resolution. Off street privately owned blue curb spaces shall be posted and marked as provided by § 10.21.070(B) of this chapter.

B.    No resolution contemplated by this section shall be enacted unless a public hearing is held thereon and 10 days’ prior written notice is given to the owner and operator of the privately owned and maintained off street parking facility.

(Ord. 531, § 5, passed -- 1980)

10.21.060 PROHIBITION.

It is unlawful for any person to park or leave standing any vehicle in a publicly owned, leased, or controlled stall or space designated for disabled persons.

(Ord. 531, § 6, passed -- 1980)


A.    Blue curb spaces shall be marked in accordance with Cal. Vehicle Code § 22511.7. They shall be indicated by blue paint on the curb edge of the paved portion of the street adjacent to the space. For further identification, the international symbol of access shall be painted on the pavement within the parking space.

B.    Off street publicly owned, leased, or controlled parking stalls or spaces reserved for the disabled shall be marked, posted, and designated pursuant to Cal. Vehicle Code § 22511.8. The designation shall be made by posting a sign as described in paragraph 1, and by either of the markings described in paragraph 2 or 3:

1.    By posting immediately adjacent to, and visible from each stall or space, a sign consisting of a profile view of a wheelchair with occupant in white on a blue background;

2.    By outlining or painting the stall or space in blue and outlining on the ground in the stall or space in white or suitable contrasting color a profile view depicting a wheelchair with occupant; and/or

3.    By outlining a profile view of a wheelchair with occupant in white on a blue background. The profile view shall be located so that it is visible to a traffic enforcement officer when a vehicle is properly parked in the space.

(Ord. 531, § 8, passed -- 1980; Am. Ord. 835, passed -- 2003)


When parking spaces are made available to disabled persons in off street facilities the following specifications must be complied with:

A.    A minimum width of seventeen (17) feet;

B.    Located where the slope in the immediate area does not exceed 2%;

C.    Placed to minimize necessary travel on sloped surfaces;

D.    Located near level or ramped entrance; and

E.    Located to minimize travel behind parked vehicles.

(Ord. 531, § 9, passed -- 1980; Am. Ord. 875, § 54, passed 8-25-2008)


In addition to reserved (blue curb) on street and off street parking spaces for disabled persons, disabled persons who have procured and properly display on their vehicle a Department of Motor Vehicle license plate or placard issued pursuant to either Cal. Vehicle Code §§ 9105 or 22511.5 shall be allowed to park for unlimited periods of time in parking zones otherwise restricted as to the length of time parking is permitted and shall further be allowed to park in any metered parking space without being required to pay any parking meter fees. This section shall have no application to those parking zones in which stopping, parking or standing of all vehicles is prohibited or which are reserved for other special types of vehicles.

(Ord. 531, § 10, passed -- 1980)

10.21.100 VIOLATIONS.

Pursuant to Cal. Vehicle Code §§ 42001 and 42001.5, violations of this chapter are declared to be infractions, and upon conviction thereof shall be punishable as provided in Chapter 1.12.

(Ord. 874, § 26, passed 8-25-2008)

10.21.110 ENFORCEMENT.

The Fort Bragg Police Department shall have the authority to issue citations for violations of this chapter and shall have the responsibility for enforcement of this chapter.

(Ord. 531, § 12, passed -- 1980)