Title 13


Division I. Water

13.04    General Provisions

13.08    Water Meters

13.12    Water Bills and Charges

13.13    Water Shortage and Water Waste Regulations

Division II. Public Sewers

13.20    General Provisions

13.24    Definitions

13.28    Sewer Connections and Construction

13.32    Sewer Use

13.36    Industrial Wastewater

13.40    Permits and Fees

13.44    Sewer Rates and Charges

Division III. Private Sewage Disposal Systems

13.52    General Provisions

13.56    Permits

13.60    Administration and Enforcement

Division IV. Underground Utilities

13.68    Procedures and Regulations

Division V. Solar Utility

13.72    Regulations

Division VI. Storm Drainage

13.80    Storm Drainage

Division VII. Electrical Utility

13.90    Community Choice Aggregation