Chapter 16.40


16.40.010    General procedure.

16.40.020    Final map – Monuments.

16.40.010 General procedure.

A. For divisions of land of less than one acre, monuments shall be set on all corners unless this requirement is waived by the city engineer.

B. For all other land divisions, monuments will be required to be in conformance with the standard improvements specifications. The city engineer may require additional monuments if deemed necessary. (Ord. 79-426 § 12.01).

16.40.020 Final map – Monuments.

A. At the time of making the survey for the final map, the engineer or surveyor shall set sufficient durable monuments to conform with the standards described in Section 8771 of the Business and Professions Code so that another engineer or surveyor may readily retrace the survey.

B. The engineer or surveyor shall also set any additional monuments required by the standard improvement specifications, or as required by the city engineer. All monuments necessary to establish the exterior boundaries of the subdivision shall be set or referenced prior to recording the final map. (Ord. 79-426 § 12.02).