Chapter 17.24


17.24.010    Regulations generally.

17.24.020    Permitted uses.

17.24.030    Conditional uses.

17.24.040    Area, bulk, yard and height requirements.

17.24.050    Parking and loading.

17.24.060    Use enclosure requirements.

17.24.010 Regulations generally.

The specific regulations set forth in this chapter shall apply in all C-1 districts:

A.    No use shall be permitted the nature or manner of operation of which is determined by the planning commission to be unduly detrimental or injurious to other properties in the vicinity or uses thereon or to the general public welfare by reason of the emission of odor, dust, smoke, noise, vibrations, electrical or other disturbances.

B.    Any recreational or instructional school or business teaching or offering dance, music, singing, gymnastics, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, sports training, and fitness training shall, with the exception of allowing ingress into and egress out of the school or business, keep all of the windows and doors serving the facility closed when conducting noise-generating activities such as classes, training, instructions, recitals, exhibitions or performances.

C.    No existing gasoline service station shall be permitted to alter or convert its operations or physical plant in such a fashion that either or both of the following occur:

1.    Automotive service bays are decreased in number or eliminated and automotive service is diminished or eliminated.

2.    Sale of nonautomotive repair, service or operations items occurs by any means other than by use of vending machines. (Ord. 657 § 4 (Exh. K), 2023)

17.24.020 Permitted uses.

The following uses shall be permitted and/or limited in the C-1 districts:

A.    Retail stores and service establishments which supply commodities or provide services primarily to meet the needs of residents of the surrounding residential districts, such as grocery stores, bakery outlets, drugstores, barber or beauty shops, liquor stores (package goods only), delicatessens, florist shops, laundromats, clothes cleaning pickup stations, variety stores, hardware stores, TV repair shops and other uses which, in the opinion of the city planning director (director of planning and development services), are similar. Shopping center use limitations and regulations adopted as use permit conditions of approval, which were in effect on (ordinance codified in this subsection adoption date) notwithstanding, retail stores which, in the sole judgment of the city, are determined to be other than primarily neighborhood-serving may, upon prior review and written approval of the director of planning and development services, be allowed but shall be limited to a maximum of thirty-three percent of a neighborhood shopping center’s gross square footage. In addition, such uses shall not create a demand for parking which exceeds the existing capacity of the parking lot serving the center, nor shall they individually or collectively violate any provision of Chapter 17.68. The determination regarding whether or not there is sufficient parking capacity to serve the proposed use(s) and all other existing uses shall be made solely by the city after it receives information from the shopping center owner establishing the gross square footage of the center and individual stores. In determining whether or not to approve a request to allow a retail store which is other than primarily neighborhood-serving, the director of planning and development services shall base such a decision on an assessment of the demand for parking that will be created by the store, the existing capacity of the parking lot serving the shopping center, the presence or possible occurrence of parking problems due to insufficient parking to serve the proposed store or existing stores, an assessment of the ability of the proposed store to meet the provisions of Chapter 17.68, as well as any other possible public nuisance impacts;

B.    Administrative, professional and business offices;

C.    Restaurants (except drive-in or walk-up restaurants), tea rooms, cafes or soda fountains, not including entertainment or the sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption upon the premises;

D.    Parking lots improved in conformity with the standards prescribed for required off-street parking facilities in Chapter 17.62;

E.    Emergency shelters and low-barrier navigation centers pursuant to Chapter 17.82. (Ord. 657 § 4 (Exh. K), 2023)

17.24.030 Conditional uses.

The following uses shall be permitted only when authorized by a conditional use permit issued in accordance with Chapter 17.72:

A.    Automobile service station;

B.    The on-premises sale of alcoholic beverages where food is served;

C.    Walk-up or take-out restaurants designed for food consumption on the premises but outside of the building;

D.    Churches and other religious institutions;

E.    Private clubs and lodges;

F.    Public buildings and grounds, public utility and public service structures or installations when found by the commission to be necessary for public health, safety or welfare;

G.    Incidental and accessory structures and uses located on the same site with and necessary to the operation of a conditional use;

H.    Live entertainment;

I.    Combination minimart (sale of food or nonautomotive items) and gasoline pumping or service stations subject to Section 17.24.010;

J.    The sale of alcoholic beverages as a part of or on the same site as a use also selling gasoline. (Ord. 657 § 4 (Exh. K), 2023)

17.24.040 Area, bulk, yard and height requirements.

The following area, bulk, yard and height regulations shall apply in the C-1 districts:

Building Site

Minimum Yards Required

Maximum Height Permitted

Maximum Coverage Permitted

Open Green Area Required

Average Width (ft.)

Minimum Area

(sq. ft.)

Front (ft.)

Side (ft.)

Rear (ft.)














Where a neighborhood commercial zone abuts a residential zone, no building shall be closer than twenty-eight feet to the residential zone. (Ord. 657 § 4 (Exh. K), 2023)

17.24.050 Parking and loading.

Parking and loading facilities shall be provided in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 17.62. (Ord. 657 § 4 (Exh. K), 2023)

17.24.060 Use enclosure requirements.

All uses permitted within this chapter, except parking and other permitted outside accessory uses, shall be conducted within an enclosed building. (Ord. 657 § 4 (Exh. K), 2023)