Chapter 17.44


17.44.010    Considerations.

17.44.010 Considerations.

In the consideration of a use permit for waterfront property, the planning commission shall consider the following:

A.    The visual impression of the proposed structure or facilities from the public waterways and neighboring public and private properties;

B.    That the character of architectural and development are in keeping with the character of the area and the stated policy of the city as it relates to waterfront properties;

C.    The bearing capacity of the soil, bulkhead treatment and effect upon the water line shall be analyzed and considered;

D.    Access to the water and facilities for boats and emergency vehicles shall be evaluated as shall the consideration of adequate provision of public access in the area of the proposed development;

E.    Visual exposure to the lagoon from public areas shall be considered with the purpose of restricting the view of the lagoon as little as possible commensurate with permitted development;

F.    Protection of views of the lagoon from the subject site and neighboring properties and from the lagoon looking back on the subject property and adjacent properties;

G.    All other considerations as specified in Section 17.58.010. (Ord. 371 § 19, 1989: Ord. 38 § 1 (part), 1972: prior code § 10-406.021)