Chapter 17.42


17.42.010    Generally.

17.42.020    Determination criteria.

17.42.030    Uses specified.

17.42.010 Generally.

All uses listed in this chapter, and all matters directly related thereto are declared to be uses possessing characteristics of unique and special form as to make their use acceptable in any district under certain specific conditions, and therefore the authority for the establishment and operation of the uses designated in this chapter shall be subject to the issuance of a use permit in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 17.72. (Ord. 38 § 1 (part), 1972: prior code § 10-406.030)

17.42.020 Determination criteria.

In addition to the criteria for determining whether or not a use permit should be issued as set forth in Chapter 17.72, the planning commission shall consider the following additional factors to determine that the characteristics of the listed uses will not be reasonably incompatible with uses in surrounding areas:

A.    Damage or nuisance from noise, smoke, odor, dust or vibration;

B.    Hazard from explosion, contamination or fire;

C.    Hazard occasioned by unusual volume or character of traffic or the congregating of a large number of people or vehicles.

The uses referred to in this chapter are as set forth in Section 17.42.030. (Ord. 38 § 1 (part), 1972: prior code § 10-406.031)

17.42.030 Uses specified.

The following are specified as unique uses under the terms of this chapter:

A.    Airport and landing fields;

B.    Establishments or enterprises involving large assemblages of people or automobiles as follows:

1.    Amusement parks,

2.    Circus or carnivals,

3.    Privately-owned and operated open recreation facilities;

C.    Hospitals, convalescent hospitals, sanitariums;

D.    Institution of a philanthropic or charitable nature;

E.    Refuse disposal sites;

F.    Removal or deposit of earth other than in connection with excavations or deposits in connection with construction of buildings, roadways, public improvements or home improvements;

G.    Other uses which are determined to be unique in character by the planning director and similar in nature to those uses listed above. (Ord. 38 § 1 (part), 1972: prior code § 10-406.032)