Chapter 2.15


2.15.010    Creation of office.

2.15.020    Duties.

2.15.030    Bond.

2.15.010 Creation of office.

The office of finance director is hereby created. The person who is appointed to serve in such office shall also serve as ex officio treasurer of the city. (Ord. 1480 § 1, 12-1-81. 1990 Code § 2-7100.)

2.15.020 Duties.

Under the direction and control of the city manager, the finance director shall have the powers and duties set forth in the following subsections:

(a)    Those powers and duties imposed upon the treasurer by Cal. Gov’t Code Title 4, Division 3, Part 3, Chapter 3, and other provisions of the state law.

(b)    Those powers and duties imposed upon the city clerk by Cal. Gov’t Code Title 4, Division 3, Part 2, Chapter 4.

(c)    To prepare the proposed annual budget and exercise expenditure controls within the limitations of the budget.

(d)    To maintain a central accounting system of all income, investments and expenditures of the city.

(e)    To maintain a system of financial analysis and keep the city manager fully informed as to the financial conditions and needs of the city.

(f)    To maintain an internal audit system to validate income and expenditures of the city.

(g)    To collect on behalf of the city all revenue to which the city is entitled.

(h)    To purchase all supplies for all of the departments or divisions of the city.

(i)    To have custody of all public moneys of the city and to invest in prudent fashion those moneys that are not needed for immediate use of the city.

(j)    To manage the self-insured program of the city.

(k)    To provide economic forecasts and reports to the city manager.

(l)    Such other powers and duties as may be appropriately assigned by the city manager. (Ord. 1480 § 1, 12-1-81. 1990 Code § 2-7101.)

2.15.030 Bond.

Before entering upon the duties of the office, the finance director shall execute an official bond to the city, in such reasonable penal sum as may be recommended by the city attorney and fixed by the city council by resolution. Said penal sum may be changed by the city council during the term of office of the finance director. The form of such bond shall be subject to the approval of the city attorney. (Ord. 1480 § 1, 12-1-81. 1990 Code § 2-7103.)