Chapter 5.85


5.85.010    Required – Information to be shown.

5.85.020    Register to be kept two years.

5.85.030    Inspection of register by law enforcement officers.

5.85.040    Fictitious registration.

5.85.050    Law to be posted.

5.85.010 Required – Information to be shown.

No person shall provide sleeping accommodations in any hotel, inn, motel, auto camp, public rooming or lodging house, or other similar place within the city unless the person requesting such accommodation shall have filled out a register with at least the following information: names and home addresses of all persons to be accommodated, the make, type and license number of any automobile, trailer or other vehicle, and the state in which such vehicle or vehicles is or are registered and the year of registration. (Ord. 197 § 1. 1990 Code § 3-8200.)

5.85.020 Register to be kept two years.

Such register shall be kept for a period of not less than two years by the person providing the accommodations as specified in Section 5.85.010. (Ord. 197 § 1. 1990 Code § 3-8201.)

5.85.030 Inspection of register by law enforcement officers.

Such register shall at all times be available for examination by any policeman of the city and by any other duly authorized peace officer or law enforcement officer of the state, federal or any local government. (Ord. 197 § 1. 1990 Code § 3-8202.)

5.85.040 Fictitious registration.

No person registering at any place as specified in Section 5.85.010 shall register himself or any other person under any false or assumed name or designation, or under the name of any other person or fictitious person, and no person shall knowingly allow himself to be registered under any such false, fictitious or assumed name. No person placing any information required by Section 5.85.010 in any register shall falsely or inaccurately state such information. (Ord. 197 § 1. 1990 Code § 3-8203.)

5.85.050 Law to be posted.

A copy of this chapter shall be posted in a conspicuous place in each hotel, motel and other establishment as specified in Section 5.85.010. (Ord. 197 § 1. 1990 Code § 3-8204.)