Chapter 9.25


9.25.010    Motor vehicles.

9.25.010 Motor vehicles.

(a)    No person shall drive a motorcycle or motor-driven cycle as such vehicles are defined in the California Vehicle Code, including but not limited to motorscooters, motor bikes and minibikes, upon any property which is not a public street, or a private street approved by the city.

(b)    Exceptions. This section shall not apply in any of the following instances:

(1)    Where such vehicle is being driven upon property by the resident, regular occupant, or authorized visitor for the purpose of ingress or egress to such property.

(2)    Where such use is permitted pursuant to a conditional use permit or otherwise in accordance with the zoning ordinance of the city (Title 18). (Ord. 874 § 1, 12-7-71; Ord. 879 § 1, 1-25-72. 1990 Code § 3-8600.)