Chapter 12.15


12.15.010    Definitions.

12.15.020    Prohibited signs.

12.15.030    Exceptions.

12.15.010 Definitions.

Unless the context indicates otherwise, the following words when used in this chapter shall have the following meanings:

“Sign” or “signs” includes, but is not limited to, posters, banners, placards, or electronic displays.

“Special event” means a street fair, festival, arts and crafts show, carnival, block party or other such event occurring on a city street, sidewalk or other such public right-of-way. (Ord. 2300 § 2, 7-14-98. 1990 Code § 3-81100.)

12.15.020 Prohibited signs.

(a)    Persons present on public property during any special event shall not carry, hold or affix to their person any sign larger than three square feet in area.

(b)    Persons present on public property during any special event shall not post, stand, affix, or otherwise cause to be mounted any sign at any location which obstructs or interferes with, or poses the threat of obstructing or interfering with, vehicular or pedestrian travel. (Ord. 2300 § 3, 7-14-98. 1990 Code § 3-81101.)

12.15.030 Exceptions.

Nothing in this chapter shall apply to signs held or erected by a public officer or employee, including but not limited to public safety officers, authorized contractors, or special event sponsors engaged in the performance of official duties and for the purpose of providing directional, safety, traffic or other public information related to the general public health, safety and welfare. (Ord. 2300 § 4, 7-14-98. 1990 Code § 3-81102.)