Chapter 18.310


18.310.010    Schedule of fees, charges, deposits, and expenses.

18.310.020    Payment of fees as prerequisite to action.

18.310.030    Refunds.

18.310.010 Schedule of fees, charges, deposits, and expenses.

The city council shall, by resolution, establish a schedule of fees, charges, position rates and expenses for permit processing and other services required to administer this title. The schedule of fees may be changed or modified only by resolution of the city council. Additionally, the city manager, upon advice and recommendation of the community development and finance directors, may establish and update a schedule of deposits to be paid in advance to ensure payment of all fees, charges and expenses. (Ord. 9-2014 § 42, 3-4-14.)

18.310.020 Payment of fees as prerequisite to action.

Until all applicable fees, charges and expenses have been paid in full, no action shall be taken on any application, appeal or other matter pertaining to this title as to which a fee, charge or payment of expense is required, nor shall the applicant be permitted to obtain a building permit or establish a use until all applicable fees, charges, and expenses have been paid in full. (Ord. 9-2014 § 42, 3-4-14.)

18.310.030 Refunds.

No fee, charge or expense shall be refundable except in any case where the city manager or designee determines any such fee or portion thereof has been received in error, in which case the amount of money received in error may be refunded to the proper party. Any such payment shall be processed as are other demands against the city. Any unused portion of any deposit shall be returned to the person paying the deposit upon completion of the project. (Ord. 9-2014 § 42, 3-4-14.)