Chapter 2.04


2.04.010    Governing officers.

2.04.020    Qualifications and bonds of officers.

2.04.010 Governing officers.

The government of the city shall be vested in the following officers as provided for in State Government Code Section 36501 and thereafter:

A.    A city council of five members;

B.    A city clerk;

C.    A city treasurer;

D.    A chief of police;

E.    Such subordinate officers or employees as deemed necessary by the council for the proper administration of the government. (Ord. 84-9 § 1 (part))

2.04.020 Qualifications and bonds of officers.

Every person elected or appointed to an office in the City shall, within five (5) days after such election or appointment, qualify by taking the constitutional oath of office before any officer competent to administer oaths. All elected or appointed officers and employees of the City shall be covered by a blanket faithful performance bond issued by a corporate surety, or a government crime insurance policy, as determined by and in such penal sum as from time to time is established by resolution of the City Council. The bond and/or insurance policy shall be in a form which is acceptable to the City Attorney. All bonds shall be filed with the City Clerk. The premium on such bond or insurance policy shall be paid by the City. (Ord. 2015-07, Amended, 09/01/2015; Ord. 94-10 § 1: Ord. 82-18 § 1: Ord. 4 § 2, 1946: prior code § 2040)