Chapter 2.16


2.16.010    Position created.

2.16.030    Absence.

2.16.040    Removal.

2.16.050    Removal after municipal election.

2.16.060    Compensation.

2.16.070    Powers and duties.

2.16.080    Authorization to execute documents.

2.16.090    Council-manager relations.

2.16.010 Position created.

The position of city manager of the city is created and established. The city manager shall be appointed by the city council solely on the basis of his/her executive and administrative qualifications and ability, and should hold office at and during the pleasure of the city council. (Ord. 81-9 § 2 (part): prior code § 2300)

2.16.030 Absence.

In case of the absence or disability or suspension of the city manager, the city council may designate some duly qualified person to perform the duties of the city manager during the period of absence, disability, or suspension of the city manager, subject, however, to the person furnishing a corporate surety bond and conditioned on faithful performance of the duties required to be performed as set forth in section 2.16.070. (Ord. 81-9 § 2 (part): prior code § 2303)

2.16.040 Removal.

The city council shall appoint the city manager for such length of time as may be determined by the city council, consistent with Section 2.16.010 of this code. The council may remove the city manager from that position at any time by a three-fifths vote of the city council. (Ord. 97-07 § 1: Ord. 81-9 § 2 (part): prior code § 2304)

2.16.050 Removal after municipal election.

Notwithstanding the provisions enumerated above in this chapter, the city manager shall not be removed from office during or within a period of ninety days next succeeding any general municipal election held in the city at which election a member of the city council is elected. The purpose of this provision is to allow any newly elected member to the city council or a reorganized city council to observe the actions and ability of the city manager in the performance of the powers and duties of his office. After the expiration of the ninety-day period aforementioned, the provisions of Section 2.16.040 as to the removal of the city manager shall apply and be effective. (Ord. 81-9 § 2 (part): prior code § 2305)

2.16.060 Compensation.

A.    The city manager, or such person designated to perform his duties as provided in Section 2.16.070, shall receive such compensation as the city council shall from time to time determine and fix, and the compensation shall be a proper charge against such funds of the city that the city council shall designate.

B.    The city manager shall be reimbursed for all sums necessarily incurred or paid by him in the performance of his duties, or incurred when traveling on business pertaining to the city under the direction of the city council; reimbursement shall only be made, however, when a verified itemized claim, setting forth the sums expended for which reimbursement is requested, has been presented to the city council, and by the city council duly approved and allowed. (Ord. 81-9 § 2 (part): prior code § 2306)

2.16.070 Powers and duties.

The city manager shall be the administrative head of the city government under the direction and control of the city council except as otherwise provided in this Chapter. He shall be responsible for the efficient administration of all the affairs of the city which are under his control. In addition to his general powers as administrative head, and not as a limitation thereon, it shall be his duty and he shall have the power:

A.    To see that all laws and ordinances of the city are duly enforced, and that all franchises, permits and privileges granted by the city are faithfully observed;

B.    To analyze the function, duties and activities of the various departments, divisions and services of the city government and of all employees thereof and to make such recommendations to the city council with reference thereto as in his judgment will result in the highest degree of efficiency in the overall operation of the city government;

C.    It shall be the duty of the city manager and he shall have the authority to control, order and give directions to all heads of departments and to subordinate officers and employees of the city under his jurisdiction except the city attorney and elected officials and their staffs;

D.    The city manager shall have the power to appoint, and, when he or she deems necessary for the good of the city, in his or her sole discretion, to dismiss any employee of the city, subject to the personnel manual, except the city attorney and elected officials;

E.    To recommend to the city council for adoption such measures and ordinances as he deems necessary or expedient;

F.    To keep the city council at all times duly advised as to the financial conditions and needs of the city;

G.    To cause to be prepared and submitted to him by each department, division or service of the city government, itemized annual estimates of income and expenditures required by any of them for capital outlay, salaries, wages and miscellaneous operating costs; to tabulate the same into a preliminary consolidated municipal budget and submit the same to the city council no later than August 1st of each year with his recommendations as to such changes which he deems advisable;

H.    To prepare and to submit to the city council as of the end of the fiscal year a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the city for the preceding year, such financial report not to be confused with the city clerk’s report to the State Controller;

I.    To purchase or cause to be purchased all supplies for all of the department or divisions of the city;

J.    To make investigation into the affairs of the city, and any department or division thereof, and any contract, or the proper performance of any obligations of the city;

K.    To investigate all complaints in relation to matters concerning the administration of the city government and in regard to the service maintained by public utilities in the city;

L.    To exercise general supervision over all public buildings, public parks and other public property which are under the control and jurisdiction of the city council;

M.    To devote his entire time to the duties of his office and the interest of the city;

N.    To provide leadership for civic movements designed to benefit the residents of the city when so authorized by the city council;

O.    To supervise in general the operations of all departments of the city, securing special counsel as required;

P.    To compile and keep up to date, a complete inventory of all property, real and personal, owned by the city and to recommend to the city council the purchase of new machinery, equipment and supplies whenever in his judgment the same can be obtained at the best advantage, taking into consideration trade-in value of machinery and equipment, etc., in use;

Q.    In addition to the elective officers and their respective staffs, the planning commission, the personnel board, and the position of city attorney shall be excluded from the scope of the city manager’s surveillance; however, the services and facilities of the city attorney, the planning commission, and the personnel board, shall be made available to the city manager;

R.    To perform such other duties and exercise such other powers as may be delegated to him from time to time by ordinance or resolution of the city council;

S.    It shall be the duty of the city manager to attend all meetings of the city council unless excused there from. (Ord. 2010-03, Amended, 04/06/2010; Ord. 95-08 § 1; Ord. 88-29 § 2; Ord. 88-22 § 1; Ord. 87-7 § 7; Ord. 81-9 § 2 (part): prior code § 2307)

2.16.080 Authorization to execute documents.

The city council may by resolution authorize the city manager to execute or sign on behalf of the city any and all documents set forth and described in the resolution. (Ord. 81-9 § 2 (part): prior code § 2308)

2.16.090 Council-manager relations.

The city council and its members shall deal with the administrative services of the city only through the city manager except for the purpose of inquiry, and neither the city council nor any member thereof shall give orders to any subordinate of the city manager. The city manager shall take his orders and instructions from the city council only when sitting in a duly held meeting of the city council and no individual council person shall give any orders or instruction to the city manager. (Ord. 81-9 § 2 (part): prior code § 2309)