Chapter 15.08


15.08.010    Purpose.

15.08.020    Permit required.

15.08.030    Application for permit.

15.08.040    Approval of application.

15.08.050    Requirements, conditions and restrictions.

15.08.060    Placement after move.

15.08.010 Purpose.

The provisions of this chapter shall govern the moving of buildings and structures on, over or through any public street, alleyway or lot within the city. (Ord. 86-15 § 1 (part))

15.08.020 Permit required.

No building or structure, or part of any building or structure, in excess of six feet in height at any point and having a roof area greater than one hundred and twenty square feet shall be moved on, over or through any public street, alleyway or lot within the city without a written permit from the city engineer. (Ord. 86-15 § 1 (part))

15.08.030 Application for permit.

Any person, firm or corporation desiring a permit to move a building or structure subject to the provisions of this chapter shall make written application therefor to the city engineer. Any such applications shall contain:

A.    Date of proposed movement;

B.    Time of proposed movement;

C.    Street route of proposed movement;

D.    Origin and destination of proposed movement;

E.    Description of building or structure proposed to be moved;

F.    Such other and further information as the city engineer deems necessary. (Ord. 86-15 § 1 (part))

15.08.040 Approval of application.

The city engineer shall have the full authority to approve or deny any application for a permit to move a building or structure. The city engineer shall make his decision in accordance with the requirements contained in this chapter and considering the physical constraints of the proposed movement. (Ord. 86-15 § 1 (part))

15.08.050 Requirements, conditions and restrictions.

Permits to move buildings or structures shall be subject to the following requirements, conditions and restrictions:

A.    Proof of public liability and property damage insurance in the amount of one million dollars, holding the city harmless of any obligations related to the movement of any building or structure pursuant to this chapter;

B.    Proof of all necessary grants of approval from concerned entities including, but not limited to Pacific Gas and Electric Company, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, the state and any other entity as required by the city engineer;

C.    Any stipulations imposed by the city engineer;

D.    Possession during the movement of all required permits and/or grants of approval for moving the building or structure. (Ord. 86-15 § 1 (part))

15.08.060 Placement after move.

The placement of any building or structure after movement pursuant to this chapter shall be subject to all applicable codes, laws, ordinances, restrictions, covenants and conditions adopted or recognized by the city and/or the state. (Ord. 86-15 § 1 (part))