Chapter 20.03


20.03.010    Basis for establishing cross-connection control.

20.03.020    Cross-connection unlawful.

20.03.030    Unprotected cross-connection prohibited.

20.03.040    Installation by water user.

20.03.050    Protection of water supply lines.

20.03.060    Administration under contract.

20.03.010 Basis for establishing cross-connection control.

These regulations are adopted pursuant to the State of California Administrative Code, Title 17, Public Health, entitled “Regulations Relating to Cross-Connection.” (Ord. 88-11 § 1 (part))

20.03.020 Cross-connection unlawful.

It is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation, at any time to make or maintain or cause to be made or maintained, temporarily or permanently, for any period of time whatsoever, any cross- connection between plumbing pipes or water fixtures being served with water by the city water department and any other source of water supply or to maintain any sanitary fixture or other appurtenances or fixtures which, by reason of their construction, may cause or allow backflow of water or other substances into the water supply system of the city and/or the service of water pipes or fixtures of any consumer of the city. (Ord. 88-11 § 1 (part))

20.03.030 Unprotected cross-connection prohibited.

Unprotected cross-connections with the public water supply are prohibited. (Ord. 88-11 § 1 (part))

20.03.040 Installation by water user.

Whenever backflow protection has been found necessary, the city will require the water user to install an approved backflow prevention device by and at his/her expense for continued services or before a new service will be granted. (Ord. 88-11 § 1 (part))

20.03.050 Protection of water supply lines.

Wherever backflow protection has been found necessary on a water supply line entering a water user’s premises, then any and all water supply lines from the city’s mains entering such premises, buildings, or structures shall be protected by an approved backflow prevention device. The type of device to be installed will be in accordance with the requirements of this title. (Ord. 88-11 § 1 (part))

20.03.060 Administration under contract.

The city may contract with, delegate, or assign other entities the administration of the provisions of this title. (Ord. 93-05 § 2)