2.20.010:    Purpose

2.20.020:    Agency Created

2.20.030:    Recreation Commission

2.20.040:    Parks And Recreation Department

2.20.050:    Duties Of Parks And Recreation Director

2.20.060:    Meetings And Records

2.20.070:    Compensation

2.20.010 PURPOSE:

The purpose of this chapter is to promote and preserve the health and general welfare of the people of the city and to promote the development of good citizenship by provision for adequate programs of community recreation and by provision of adequate facilities for such programs. (Ord. 2008-52, 2-4-2008)


Pursuant to California Education Code section 10900 et seq., a recreation agency is created for the city consisting of a parks and recreation department and a recreation commission. (Ord. 2008-52, 2-4-2008)


A.    Appointment; Terms:

1.    Effective as of March 1, 2008, the membership of the recreation commission shall consist of five (5) members: one member shall represent the senior community (sixty (60) years and older), one member shall represent the city’s youth (between ages of sixteen (16) to nineteen (19)), and three (3) members shall be at large. Members of the commission shall be selected by being nominated by the mayor and appointed thereafter by the mayor with the approval of a majority of the members of the city council. Commencing March 1, 2008, three (3) of the members of the commission shall serve for initial two (2) year terms and two (2) members for an initial one-year term. The length of term for original appointments shall be chosen by lot. All commission members shall be appointed for a term of two (2) years thereafter. All terms shall expire on December 31 of their final year.

2.    Effective as of March 1, 2017, the membership of the recreation commission shall include one alternate. The alternate may be selected from any one of the groups referenced in subsection A1 of this section. Alternates shall be selected in the same manner as regular commission members, and shall be appointed for a term of two (2) years.

3.    Although a member or alternate shall be appointed for a term, he or she serves at the pleasure of the city council and may be removed with or without specific cause prior to the expiration of said term by a majority vote of the city council. All members and alternates are subject to the residency and attendance requirements set forth in sections 2.04.020 and 2.04.030 of this title.

B.    Bylaws: The recreation commission shall adopt a set of bylaws governing its organization and operation which shall be consistent with all state laws and city ordinances and resolutions. These bylaws shall be adopted by a majority vote in the form of a resolution which shall be kept on file at the city hall by the city clerk.

C.    Secretary: The city manager, or his/her designee, shall serve as secretary to the commission and shall record the minutes of commission meetings and maintain all commission records.

D.    Duties:

1.    Regular members of the recreation commission shall perform all duties specifically designated to them and to the commission as a whole by ordinances and resolutions of the city council, and by the commission’s own bylaws.

2.    With the exception of the power to vote when a quorum of the commission is in attendance, an alternate shall have all duties assigned to regular commission members, and shall be authorized to attend and participate in all commission meetings. When only two (2) regular members are present at a meeting, the presence of an alternate shall constitute a quorum and the alternate shall be allowed to cast a vote as if a regular member. (Ord. 2008-52, 2-4-2008; amd. Ord. 2017-99, 1-17-2017)


A.    Membership: The parks and recreation department shall consist of the parks and recreation director and such other employees as authorized by the annual budget. The city manager, or his/her designee, may serve as the parks and recreation director unless and until a director is appointed and/or employed.

B.    Duties: The parks and recreation department shall perform all duties specifically assigned to it by state law and city ordinances and resolutions. (Ord. 2008-52, 2-4-2008)


The parks and recreation director shall:

A.    Administer the parks and recreation department pursuant to state law and city policy;

B.    Advise and assist the recreation commission in its consideration of policy matters;

C.    Work with school districts, private agencies, clubs and other governmental jurisdictions to promote cooperative recreation programs;

D.    Attend all recreation commission meetings and keep the commission advised of the progress of the recreation program and the needs of the community. (Ord. 2008-52, 2-4-2008)


The recreation commission shall hold at least one meeting during the months of January, March, May, July, September and November, and such other meetings as may be necessary. The recreation commission shall keep a public record of all transactions, findings and determinations. For purposes of transacting business, a quorum of at least three (3) commission members must be present at any given meeting. (Ord. 2008-52, 2-4-2008)


Effective September 1, 2000, each member of the recreation commission shall receive a salary as authorized by action of the city council. The amount of such salary paid shall be in accordance with applicable state and/or local law or regulation. (Ord. 2008-52, 2-4-2008)