Chapter 13.60


13.60.010    Purpose

13.60.020    Water Capacity Charge Established

13.60.030    Use Of Revenues

13.60.040    Developer Construction Of Facilities--Credits

13.60.050    Administrative Guidelines

13.60.010 Purpose:

In order to ensure that there is sufficient capacity in the water system as the city develops pursuant to the general plan, certain facilities have been or will have to be constructed. The city council has determinedthat a water capacity charge imposed on each new and expanded connection to the water system is needed in order to finance these facilities and to pay for each new user’s fair share of the construction and acquisition costs of the improvements made necessary by new or expanded connections. (Ord. 457 §2 (Att. 1), 2005)

13.60.020 Water Capacity Charge Established:

A.    A water capacity charge ("water capacity charge") is established pursuant to Government Code section 66013 to pay for publicly owned water facilities.

B.    The city council shall by resolution set forth the amount of the water capacity charge, set forth any findings required by law, and set forth the time for payment. (Ord. 457 §2 (Att. 1), 2005)

13.60.030 Use Of Revenues:

The revenues raised by payment of the water capacity charge shall be accounted for in the city’s water enterprise fund. Separate and special accounts within the fund shall be used to account for revenues, along with any interest earnings on such account. These monies shall be used for the following purposes:

A.    To pay for design, engineering, right of way acquisition and construction of the public facilities and reasonable costs of outside consultant studies related thereto;

B.    To reimburse the city for designated public facilities constructed by the city with funds (other than gifts or grants) from other sources together with accrued interest;

C.    To reimburse developers who have designed and constructed, or dedicated land for, designated public facilities which are oversized with supplemental size, length, or capacity; and/or

D.    To pay for and/or reimburse costs of program development and ongoing administration of the water capacity charge program. (Ord. 457 §2 (Att. 1), 2005)

13.60.040 Developer Construction Of Facilities--Credits:

If a developer is required, as a condition of approval of a permit, or otherwise proposes, to construct, or dedicate land for, a public facility that has been designated to be financed with water capacity charges and if the facility has supplemental size, length, or capacity over that needed for the impacts of the development, a credit against the charge otherwise levied by this chapter on the development project shall be offered by the city. Credits shall be transferable in accordance with the procedures set forth in the administrative guidelines adopted pursuant to section 13.60.050 of this chapter. (Ord. 457 §2 (Att. 1), 2005)

13.60.050 Administrative Guidelines:

The city council may, by resolution, adopt administrative guidelines to set forth procedures for the calculation, reimbursement, credit, and other administrative aspects of the water capacity charge. (Ord. 457 §2 (Att. 1), 2005)