Chapter 2.08


2.08.010    Appointment and duties.

2.08.020    Bond.

*    For the statutory provisions stating that the compensation of the city clerk shall be fixed by ordinance, see Gov. Code §36517.  For the statutory provisions on the bonding of the clerk, see Gov. Code §36518; for other applicable bonding provisions, see Gov. Code §1450 et seq.

2.08.010 Appointment and duties.

The city clerk shall serve at the pleasure of the city manager and shall perform the duties provided by law and as shall be fixed by order of the city council from time to time, as well as those duties required by the city manager.  (Ord. 1-78 §1, 1978:  Ord. 12-59 §1, 1959).

2.08.020 Bond.

Before entering upon the duties of said office, the clerk shall execute a bond to the city, the penal sum of which shall be a reasonable amount recommended by the city attorney and established by the city council by resolution, the form thereof to conform with the provisions of the Government Code relating to bonds of public officers.  (Ord. C-4-11 §1, 2011:  Ord. 12-59 §3, 1959).