Chapter 9.48


9.48.010    Definition.

9.48.020    Discharge prohibited--where.

9.48.030    Discharge prohibited--Exceptions.

9.48.040    Possession by minors--Prohibited.

9.48.050    Possession by minors--Exceptions.

9.48.060    Sale to minors prohibited.

*    For the statutory provisions regarding dangerous weapons, see Penal Code §12000 et seq.

9.48.010 Definition.

“Firearms” is defined as a cannon, gun, pistol, revolver, automatic pistol, rifle, shotgun, BB gun, air gun, pellet gun or any other weapon of similar nature designed to discharge a projectile propelled by the expansion of a gas.  (Ord. 1-62 §1, 1962).

9.48.020 Discharge prohibited--Where.

No person shall, within the limits of the city, discharge or fire any firearm, except as provided in Section 9.48.030.  (Ord. 1-62 §2, 1962).

9.48.030 Discharge prohibited--Exceptions.

The provisions of Section 9.48.020 as to the use of any firearm shall not apply to any of the following cases:

A.    To police officers, reserve police officers, sheriffs, constables, marshals or other police officers, or any person summoned by any such officers to assist in making arrests or preserving the peace, or persons who are members of the armed services of the United States, or the National Guard, while such persons are acting in the lawful discharge of their duties;

B.    To persons using firearms in the lawful defense of self, third persons, or the user’s property;

C.    To persons discharging or firing such firearms or causing them to be discharged or fired at a regularly established firing, shooting or target range with the consent of the owner and/or person in charge of any such firing, shooting or target range; the term “regularly established firing, shooting or target range,” as used in this subsection, includes properly constructed indoor and/or outdoor home ranges on private property when such range is supervised by an adult.  (Ord. 1-62 §3, 1962).

9.48.040 Possession by minors--Prohibited.

It is unlawful for any person under the age of eighteen years to have in his possession in a public place any firearm, except as provided in Section 9.48.050.  (Ord. 1-62 §4, 1962).

9.48.050 Possession by minors--Exceptions.

The provisions of Section 9.48.040 shall not apply to said persons under the age of eighteen years in the following cases:

A.    When said person is in the immediate charge of a parent, guardian or adult person having the responsibility for the conduct of said person under the age of eighteen years;

B.    When the firearm is unloaded and either:

1.    In a dismantled or “take-down” condition; or

2.    Completely wrapped or in a carrying case made for the purpose of carrying such firearm.  A gun is deemed to be unloaded only when no ammunition or propellant is in any part of the gun or magazine or clip thereof;

C.    When said person is lawfully hunting pursuant to the provisions of the California Fish and Game Code and in possession of a hunting license issued as prescribed by that code.  (Ord. 1-62 §5, 1962).

9.48.060 Sale to minors prohibited.

No person shall sell, deliver or transfer to any person under the age of eighteen years, ownership of any pistol, revolver or other similar weapon capable of being concealed upon the person, designed to discharge a solid projectile propelled by the expansion of a gas.  (Ord. 1-62 §6, 1962).