Chapter 9.75


9.75.010    Prohibitions.

9.75.020    Additional regulations.

9.75.010 Prohibitions.

No person shall sell, offer for sale or provide for monetary consideration any goods, wares, merchandise, or services of any kind on city parks, beaches and trails, except at such places and times as shall be designated and licensed or permitted by the city, and unless all business operators performing business operations as defined in Chapter 3.40 first obtain a business license from the city.  “Services” are defined as any activity on city of Half Moon Bay property for which fees are charged for such activities.  “Fees” include fees, dues or payments for activities that are conducted on or use city beaches, parks or trails or where use of city of Half Moon Bay beaches, parks or trails is included in charges for such activities.  (Ord. C-6-10 §1(part), 2010).

9.75.020 Additional regulations.

The licensing and/or permitting of activities regulated by Section 9.75.010 shall be subject to such further regulations to protect public health and safety and to maintain the cleanliness, safety and sustainability of beaches, parks and trails as the city council may prescribe by resolution.  (Ord. C-6-10 §1(part), 2010).