Chapter 10.37


10.37.010    Definitions.

10.37.020    Prohibited parking--Oversize vehicles.

10.37.030    Prohibited parking--Nonmotorized vehicles.

10.37.040    Prohibited parking--Exceptions.

10.37.050    Prohibited parking--Signing.

10.37.060    Prohibited parking--Penalty.

10.37.010 Definitions.

A.    “Nonmotorized vehicle” means any trailer, camp trailer, semitrailer or trailer coach as defined by the Vehicle Code.

B.    “Oversize vehicle” means any vehicle or combination of vehicles that exceeds twenty feet in length or eighty inches in width exclusive of projecting lights or devices as allowed by Section 35109, 35110 or 35112 of the Vehicle Code as may be amended.  (Ord. 3-86 §1(part), 1986).

10.37.020 Prohibited parking--Oversize vehicles.

No person shall park or leave standing upon any public street or highway any oversize vehicle or nonmotorized vehicle at any time between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.  (Ord. 3-86 §1(part), 1986).

10.37.030 Prohibited parking--Nonmotorized vehicles.

No person shall park or leave standing upon any public street or highway a nonmotorized vehicle, regardless of width, which has been detached from its motor vehicle except when such person is actually loading or unloading the same or making repairs of an emergency nature to either the vehicle itself or the adjacent properties.  (Ord. 3-86 §1(part), 1986).

10.37.040 Prohibited parking--Exceptions.

The provisions of Sections 10.37.020 and 10.37.030 shall not apply to the following:

A.    Commercial vehicles making pickups or deliveries of goods, wares or merchandise from or to any building or structure;

B.    Any vehicle displaying a valid permit issued by the chief of police, who may issue a temporary permit for the overnight parking of an oversize or nonmotorized vehicle in the event of special and/or unusual circumstances.  Such permit shall be valid for the time period stated thereon.  (Ord. 3-86 §1(part), 1986).

10.37.050 Prohibited Parking--Signing.

Pursuant to Vehicle Code Section 22507, signs giving adequate notice of the prohibitions contained in this chapter shall be placed within the city limits.  (Ord. 3-86 §1(part), 1986).

10.37.060 Prohibited parking--Penalty.

Violation of the provisions of this chapter shall be an infraction subject to the issuance of a citation and shall be punishable by a fine of fifty dollars.  Each day a violation is committed shall be considered a separate offense subject to issuance of a separate citation.  Pursuant to Section 22651 of the Vehicle Code, any nonmotorized vehicle or oversize vehicle parked or left standing on a public street or highway in violation of the provisions of this chapter may be removed from the street or highway upon which such vehicle is parked or left standing.  (Ord. 3-86 §1(part), 1986).