Chapter 12.24


12.24.010    Applicability.

12.24.020    Reimbursement agreement.

12.24.030    Assessment for improvements.

12.24.010 Applicability.

The provisions of this chapter shall apply with respect to street improvements, utility improvements, water facilities, and sewer improvements, which are:

A.    Installed by and paid for by private persons (or entities); and

B.    Which are sufficient to serve properties owned by person(s) other than those installing the same.  The determination of applicability shall be made by the city engineer.  (Ord. 5-88 §1(part), 1988).

12.24.020 Reimbursement agreement.

A.    When the provisions of this chapter are deemed by the city to apply, the city is authorized to enter into a reimbursement agreement with the person or entity so constructing and installing such improvements under which the city shall assess a charge to all other persons or entities whose property is adjacent to and directly benefited by said installation and improvement.

B.    Reimbursement from the funds collected by the city shall be made on an annual basis.  There shall be no interest charged or assessed to the city for said funds, nor shall the city charge or assess anyone for collection expenses.

C.    The reimbursement agreement shall be recorded to provide notice to benefited property owners.  (Ord. 5-88 §1(part), 1988).

12.24.030 Assessment for improvements.

A.    Where the city has entered into a reimbursement agreement, the city engineer shall compute the fair and equitable share of reimbursement for the cost of improvements installed for other properties adjacent to and directly benefited by said improvements.

B.    As a condition of receipt of a building permit for said properties, the person or entity applying for the permit shall pay to the city the amount determined as the fair share reimbursement for their said property under this chapter.

C.    The amounts received by the city under this section shall be held in a trust account and disbursed annually at the end of the city’s fiscal year to the person(s) or entities entitled thereto pursuant to any reimbursement agreements.  (Ord. 5-88 §1(part), 1988).