Chapter 12.25


12.25.010    Building permit requirements.

12.25.010 Building permit requirements.

A.    All building permit applications submitted for a substantial improvement of private property shall be required to install all required public improvements within any public street, right-of-way or easement located within or adjacent to the property, and make any reasonably related dedication for which a building permit application is being submitted.

B.    Substantial improvement of private property consists of any remodeling, renovation or improvement with a building permit valuation equal to or in excess of fifty percent of the existing property improvement value at the time of application for a building permit.

C.    The public works director is responsible to determine the extent of public improvements and dedications required for each property subject to the provisions of this section.

D.    All public improvements required to be constructed as a result of this section shall be constructed to meet all city standards and specifications.

E.    The city will not issue any building permits for substantial improvement of property unless all public improvement requirements of this section have been met.  (Ord. 12-97 §2, 1997).