Chapter 13.05


13.05.010    Title.

13.05.020    Coordination with the plumbing code.

13.05.030    Applicability.

13.05.040    Definitions.

13.05.050    Minimum indoor fixture requirements.

13.05.060    Metering.

13.05.070    Compliance with chapter.

13.05.080    Components of the indoor water use efficiency checklist.

13.05.090    Penalties and enforcement.

13.05.100    Public education.

13.05.010 Title.

This chapter shall be known as the city of Half Moon Bay indoor water use efficiency ordinance.  (Ord. C-4-10 §1(part), 2010).

13.05.020 Coordination with the plumbing code.

The code of rules and regulations printed in one volume and published by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, under the title “California Plumbing Code, 2007 Edition,” and the appendices printed therein, and all supplements subsequently issued thereto, hereinafter collectively called the “Plumbing Code,” prescribing regulations for the installation of all plumbing fixtures, printed in book form and filed in the office of the city clerk, is adopted and by reference incorporated herein as if set forth as the plumbing code of the city of Half Moon Bay establishing the rules, regulations, and standards within the city as to all matters therein contained; subject, however, to the amendments, additions, and deletions set forth in this chapter.  The mandatory requirements of the adopted appendix to the California Plumbing Code, 2007 Edition, shall be enforceable to the same extent as if contained in the body of the plumbing code.  One copy of the plumbing code shall at all times be kept on file in the office of the city clerk.

To the extent the provisions of this chapter conflict with any provisions in the existing plumbing code or the California Building Standards Code, the provisions of this chapter shall supersede and control with regard to the indoor fixture requirements described herein.  (Ord. C-4-10 §1(part), 2010).

13.05.030 Applicability.

A.    The provisions of this chapter shall apply to the following projects:

1.    All new construction, regardless of building classification, requiring a building permit, plan check or design review and requiring new or expanded water service;

2.    Any remodel that requires new or expanded water service;

3.    New water service connections of existing construction or existing development, including but not limited to, properties previously or currently served by a well or surface water that wish to connect to the Coastside County water distict's system, and which require a building permit, plan check, or design review from the city of Half Moon Bay.

B.    The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to:

1.    Existing buildings not seeking new or expanded water service;

2.    Registered local, state or federal historical sites;

3.    Remodels where, in the discretion of the chief building official, the unique configuration of the building, its drainage system or portions of the public sewer, or both, are incompatible with efficiency standards listed in the Indoor Water Use Efficiency Table and require a greater quantity of water to flush the system in a manner that is consistent with public health.  (Ord. C-4-10 §1(part), 2010).

13.05.040 Definitions.

“Certified professional” means a licensed contractor, licensed architect or licensed professional engineer.

“District” means Coastside County water district.

“Energy star qualified” means that a given fixture meets the United States Environmental Protection Agency standard for an energy-efficient product.

“Gal/100 lbs ice” means gallons per hundred pounds of ice.

“Gal/cycle” means gallons per cycle.

“Gpf” means gallons per flush.

“Gpm” means gallons per minute.

“Individual meter” means a metered service connection serving one dwelling unit, one commercial unit or one landscaped area by an individual account with the district.

“Local agency” means the city of Half Moon Bay or the Coastside County water distict.  The city of Half Moon Bay is also responsible for the enforcement of this chapter, including but not limited to approval of a permit and plan check or design review of a project; and in the case of a Coastside County water distict, approval of a new or expanded water service application.

“Local water purveyor” means any entity, including a public agency, city, county, or private water company that provides retail water service.

“LSI” means Langlier Saturation Index providing an indication of the degree of saturation of water with respect to calcium carbonate related to cooling tower efficiency.

“Master meter” means an individual metered service connection serving multiple residential or multiple commercial units by an individual account with the District.

“Mixed use” means a parcel or building used for both commercial and residential purposes.

“Permit” means the document issued by local agencies in connection with new construction, remodels or renovations and which authorizes the lawful initiation of construction, improvements or repairs to a building or structure.

“Project applicant” means the individual or entity submitting an indoor water use efficiency checklist, as required under Section 13.05.070, and requesting a permit, plan check, design review, or new or expanded water service application from the local agency.  A project applicant may be the property owner or his or her designee.

“RMF” means residential multifamily.

“Sq. ft.” means square feet.

“Water factor” means the number of gallons per cycle per cubic foot that a clothes washer uses.  (Ord. C-4-10 §1(part), 2010).

13.05.050 Minimum indoor fixture requirements.

All new construction and applicable remodels will have, at a minimum, fixtures that comply with the efficiency standards listed below (the Indoor Water Use Efficiency Table):






≤ 1.28 gpf, and ≥ 350 grams

≤ 1.28 gpf, and ≥ 350 grams


≤ 0.5 gpf

≤ 0.5 gpf


≤ 2.0 gpm

≤ 2.0 gpm

Bathroom faucets

≤ 1.5 gpm

≤ 0.5 gpm

Kitchen faucets

≤ 2.2 gpm

≤ 2.2 gpm

Clothes washers

≤ 6.0 water factor

≤ 6.0 water factor


≤ 6.5 gal/cycle, or Energy Star Qualified

Energy Star Qualified

Cooling towers

≥ 5 – 10 cycles, or

≥ 2.5 LSI

≥ 5 – 10 cycles, or

≥ 2.5 LSI

Food steamers

Boilerless or self-contained

Ice machines

≤ 25 gal/100 lbs ice or air cooled

Pre-rinse spray valves

≤ 1.15 gpm

Automatic vehicle wash facilities

≥ 50% of water that is recycled on site

Commercial refrigeration

Closed loop or air cooled

(Ord. C-4-10 §1(part), 2010).

13.05.060 Metering.

A.    Landscaped area greater than or equal to five thousand square feet shall install a separate dedicated irrigation meter for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential development.

B.    Mixed-use developments shall individually meter the separate uses, including landscape.

C.    RMF (residential multifamily) developments shall individually meter each dwelling unit.  The common area shall be individually metered and landscape shall be individually metered.

D.    Commercial multiunit developments shall individually meter each unit.

E.    For multiple residential units or multiple commercial units, master meter service connections may be installed only under all of the following conditions:

1.    Within one building;

2.    Three or more stories in height;

3.    With the parcel and the building owned by one legal entity; and

4.    With a separate irrigation meter.  (Ord. C-4-10 §1(part), 2010).

13.05.070 Compliance with chapter.

A.    The city shall:

1.    Provide the project applicant with the ordinance and the indoor water use efficiency checklist requirements when it provides applicant with the procedures for permits, plan checks or design reviews;

2.    Review the indoor water use efficiency checklist submitted by the project applicant;

3.    Approve or deny the project applicant's indoor water use efficiency checklist submittal;

4.    Only upon approval of the indoor water use efficiency checklist, issue a permit or approve the plan check or design review for the project applicant;

5.    In its discretion, inspect the installation of the water-efficient fixtures and appliances to verify that they have been installed and are performing at the required use levels; and

6.    Submit a copy of the complete indoor water use efficiency checklist to the Coastside County water distict.

B.    The project applicant shall:

1.    Meet the minimum water use efficiency standards for indoor fixtures and appliances provided for in the indoor water use efficiency table and checklist.

2.    Prior to construction, submit all portions of the indoor water use efficiency checklist to the local agency for verification.  (Ord. C-4-10 §1(part), 2010).

13.05.080 Components of the indoor water use efficiency checklist.

The indoor water use efficiency checklist shall require, at a minimum:

A.    Project information;

B.    Quantity and unit water use factors of all indoor fixtures and appliances relative to the standards listed in the indoor water use efficiency table and checklist;

C.    The following statement to be completed by the project applicant:  “I certify that the subject project meets the specified requirements of the Indoor Water Use Efficiency Ordinance”; and

D.    The signature of the project applicant, or that of a certified professional.  (Ord. C-4-10 §1(part), 2010).

13.05.090 Penalties and enforcement.

A.    Violation and Notice of Correction.  It is unlawful for any person, firm, partnership, association, or corporation subject to the requirements of this chapter to fail to comply therewith.  The city manager or his or her designee has the authority to conduct such inquiries, audits or surveys to ensure compliance with the requirements of this chapter.  Whenever he or she determines that a violation of this chapter has occurred, he or she may serve a notice of correction on the owner(s) of the property on which the violation is situated.  The owner(s) of record shall have ninety days to take corrective action.

B.    Administrative Enforcement.  In addition to any other remedy provided by the Municipal Code, any provision of this chapter may be enforced by an administrative order issued pursuant to any one of the administrative processes set forth in Chapter 1.16.  (Ord. C-4-10 §1(part), 2010).

13.05.100 Public education.

The city shall provide information to all applicants regarding the installation of water-efficient fixtures and appliances.  (Ord. C-4-10 §1(part), 2010).