Chapter 13.28


13.28.010    Permit required.

13.28.020    Construction requirements--Compliance required.

13.28.030    Minimum size and slope.

13.28.040    Separate sewers--When required.

13.28.050    Use of old building sewers.

13.28.060    Cleanouts required.

13.28.065    Check valve.

13.28.070    Sewage lifted by artificial means.

13.28.080    Connection to public sewer.

13.28.090    Barricading of excavation.

13.28.100    Maintenance of side sewer.

13.28.010 Permit required.

In accordance with Chapter 13.36, no person shall construct a building sewer, lateral sewer or make a connection with any public sewer without first obtaining a written permit from the city and paying all fees and connection charges as required therein.  (Ord. 2-62 §501, 1962).

13.28.020 Construction requirements--Compliance required.

Construction of building sewers and lateral sewers shall be in accordance with the requirements of the city.  Standard plans and specifications are on file with the city engineer.  Any variation must be approved by the city council.  (Ord. 2-62 §502, 1962).

13.28.030 Minimum size and slope.

The minimum size of a building sewer shall be four-inch diameter.  The minimum slope of a building sewer shall be one-eighth of an inch per foot or one and one-half feet per one hundred feet (1.5 percent slope).  Not more than fifteen fixture units shall be connected to a four-inch diameter building or side sewer.  Multiple units or multiple dwellings shall use a six-inch or greater building or side sewer.  (Ord. 2-62 §503, 1962).

13.28.040 Separate sewers--When required.

No two adjacent buildings fronting on the same street shall be permitted to join in the use of the same side sewer.  Every building or industrial facility must be separately connected with a public sewer if such public sewer exists in the street upon which the property abuts or in an easement which will serve said property.  However, one or more buildings located on property belonging to the same owner may be served with the same side sewer during the period of said ownership.  Upon the subsequent subdivision and sale of a portion of said lot, the portion not directly connected with such public sewer shall be separately connected with a public sewer, and it is unlawful for the owner thereof to continue to use or maintain such indirect connection.  (Ord. 2-62 §504, 1962).

13.28.050 Use of old building sewers.

Old building sewers may be used in connection with new buildings only when they are found, upon examination and test by the city inspector, to meet all requirements of the city.  (Ord. 2-62 §505, 1962).

13.28.060 Cleanouts required.

Cleanouts in building sewers shall be provided in accordance with the rules, regulations and ordinances of the city.  All cleanouts shall be maintained watertight.  (Ord. 2-62 §506, 1962).

13.28.065 Check valve.

An approved check valve shall be installed on all building sewers where the floor elevation of the building is lower than the top of the next upstream manhole.  (Ord. 7-77 §1, 1977).

13.28.070 Sewage lifted by artificial means.

In all buildings in which any building sewer is too low to permit gravity flow to the public sewer, sanitary sewage carried by such building sewer, shall be lifted by artificial means approved by the manager, and discharged to the public sewer at the expense of the owner.  (Ord. 2-62 §507, 1962).

13.28.080 Connection to public sewer.

Where a lateral sewer already exists to serve the property in question, the building sewer and the connection shall be left uncovered until approved for acceptance by the city.

Where a lateral to serve the property does not exist, the city will construct the lateral sewer at the owner’s expense and proceed as above.  (Ord. 2-62 §508, 1962).

13.28.090 Barricading of excavation.

All excavations for a side sewer installation shall be adequately guarded with barricades or lights so as to protect the public from hazard.  Streets, sidewalks, parkways and other property disturbed in the course of the work shall be restored in a manner satisfactory to the city or any other person having jurisdiction thereover.  (Ord. 2-62 §509, 1962).

13.28.100 Maintenance of side sewer.

Maintenance of the side sewer shall be the responsibility of the owner of the property served thereby.  (Ord. C-2013-04 §8, 2013:  Ord. 11-74 §1, 1974:  Ord. 2-62 §510, 1962).