Chapter 9.16


9.16.010    Carrying concealed prohibited – Exceptions.

9.16.020    Permit to carry concealed.

9.16.030    Permit to carry concealed – Record.

9.16.040    Discharge prohibited – Exception.

9.16.050    Licensing authority – Issuance of firearms dealer permit.

9.16.010 Carrying concealed prohibited – Exceptions.1

No person not a public officer or not having a permit from the chief of police or mayor shall wear or carry concealed any pistol, dirk, metal knuckles, sandbag, club, slingshot or other dangerous weapon. (Ord. 32 § 1. Code 1964 § 13-22.)

9.16.020 Permit to carry concealed.2

The chief of police may, when he shall deem it necessary or proper, issue a permit in writing authorizing the person to whom the same is issued to carry any of the weapons enumerated in HMC 9.16.010 for a period of time therein specified, not in any case to exceed one year from the issuance thereof. (Ord. 32 § 2. Code 1964 § 13-23.)

9.16.030 Permit to carry concealed – Record.

It shall be the duty of the chief of police to keep a record of the permit issued pursuant to HMC 9.16.020 naming the person to whom and the time for which each such permit is issued. (Ord. 32 § 3. Code 1964 § 13-24.)

9.16.040 Discharge prohibited – Exception.3

No person shall discharge any gun, rifle, pistol or other firearm, or throw any stone, brickbat, bullet or metallic thing with any sling or other device, within the City; provided, that any person following the occupation of gunsmith or conducting a shooting gallery shall upon the erection of a suitable battery or safeguard, the same to be subject to the inspection and approval of the chief of police, be entitled to discharge such firearms as may be necessary in the prosecution of his legitimate business. (Ord. 31 § 5. Code 1964 § 13-25.)

9.16.050 Licensing authority – Issuance of firearms dealer permit.

A.    The chief of police, or his or her designee, is designated as the duly constituted licensing authority of the City for accepting applications for, and the granting of, licenses as provided in Section 12071 of the California Penal Code.

B.    A City processing fee shall be paid at the time an application for a license under this section is submitted. The amount of the fee shall be established from time to time by resolution of the City Council. The City processing fee shall be in addition to any fee(s) that may be payable to the state or federal government in connection with an application submitted under this section. (Ord. 1179 § 7, 2018.)


For state law as to concealed weapons, see Penal Code §§ 12000 to 12094. As to carrying of concealed weapons, see Penal Code § 12020.


For state law as to authority of certain city officials to issue permits to carry concealed weapons, see Penal Code § 12050. As to police department generally, see Chapter 2.28 HMC.


For state law as to discharge of weapons on public highways, see Penal Code § 374c.