Chapter 10.04


10.04.010    Purpose.

10.04.020    Definitions by incorporation.

10.04.030    Definitions – Generally.

10.04.040    Alley.

10.04.050    Bicycle.

10.04.060    Central traffic district.

10.04.070    City and City Council.

10.04.080    CVC.

10.04.090    Highway.

10.04.100    Human habitation.

10.04.110    Official traffic-control devices.

10.04.120    Official traffic-control signal.

10.04.130    Park.

10.04.140    Parking meter.

10.04.150    Parkway.

10.04.160    Pedestrian.

10.04.170    Person.

10.04.180    Police officer.

10.04.190    Shall and may.

10.04.200    Stop.

10.04.210    Stop or stand.

10.04.220    Timed parking.

10.04.230    Tour bus.

10.04.240    Traffic.

10.04.250    Traffic engineer.

10.04.260    Traffic hazard.

10.04.270    Vehicle or motor vehicle.

10.04.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this title is to establish uniform compliance standards for the driving, parking and storage of vehicles within the City of Healdsburg. This title will also provide for regulations related to pedestrian and bicycle safety. Pursuant to the California Vehicle Code, this title will establish the authority for parking regulations and penalty assessment. This title shall supersede all prior legislative enactments of the City of Healdsburg with contrary language or stated intent. (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.005.)

10.04.020 Definitions by incorporation.

Whenever any words or phrases used in this title are not defined in this chapter but are defined in the California Vehicle Code, such definitions are incorporated in this chapter and shall be deemed to apply to such words and phrases. All Vehicle Code sections referred to herein may be amended from time to time. (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.010.)

10.04.030 Definitions – Generally.

Whenever the following words and phrases are used in this title, they shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them as follows hereinafter. (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.020.)

10.04.040 Alley.

“Alley” means any street 25 feet or less in width that is primarily used for access to the rear or side entrances of abutting property. (CVC § 110) (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.030.)

10.04.050 Bicycle.

“Bicycle” means a device upon which any person may ride, propelled exclusively by human power through a belt, chain, or gears, and having one or more wheels. Persons riding bicycles are subject to the provisions of CVC Sections 21200 and 21200.5. (CVC § 231) (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.035.)

10.04.060 Central traffic district.

“Central traffic district” means all of those portions of the following roadways:

East Street from the intersection of Mill Street north to Piper Street.

Mill Street from the intersection of East Street west to Healdsburg Avenue.

Center Street from the intersection of Mill Street north to Piper Street.

Healdsburg Avenue from the intersection of Mill Street north to Piper Street.

Vine Street from the intersection of Mill Street to 300 feet north of the North Street/Vine Street intersection.

Matheson Street from the intersection of Vine Street east to Fitch Street.

Plaza Street from the intersection of Healdsburg Avenue east to East Street.

North Street from the intersection of Vine Street east to East Street.

Foss Street from the intersection of North Street to the north terminus.

Piper Street from the intersection of Healdsburg Avenue east to East Street.

The central traffic district also includes all streets, portions of streets, and off-street parking facilities within the area of the limits of the City, bounded on the west by Vine Street; on the south by Mill Street; on the east by East Street; on the north by Piper Street. (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.040.)

10.04.070 City and City Council.

“City” means the City of Healdsburg. “City Council” means the City Council of the City of Healdsburg. (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.045.)

10.04.080 CVC.

“CVC” means the California Vehicle Code, as amended from time to time. (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.050.)

10.04.090 Highway.

“Highway” means a way that is publicly maintained and open to public use for purposes of vehicular travel. Highway includes a street, and “street” shall have the same meaning as “highway” as defined in this section. (CVC § 360) (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.055.)

10.04.100 Human habitation.

“Human habitation” means the use of a vehicle for the purpose of eating, sleeping, resting, or recreating for two or more hours without relocating the vehicle. (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.060.)

10.04.110 Official traffic-control devices.

“Official traffic-control device(s)” means any sign, signal, marking or device placed or erected by authority of the City Council or traffic engineer that conforms to CVC Section 21400 for the purpose of regulating, warning, or guiding traffic. (CVC § 440) (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.065.)

10.04.120 Official traffic-control signal.

“Official traffic-control signal” means any device, whether manually, electrically, or mechanically operated, by which traffic is alternately directed to stop and to proceed, that is erected by authority of the City Council or traffic engineer. (CVC § 445) (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.070.)

10.04.130 Park.

“Park” means the standing of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, otherwise than temporarily for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading or unloading passengers or materials. (CVC § 463) (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.075.)

10.04.140 Parking meter.

“Parking meter” means a mechanical device installed within or upon the curb or sidewalk area, immediately adjacent to the parking space, for the purpose of controlling the period of time occupancy of such parking meter space by any vehicle. (CVC § 22508) (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.080.)

10.04.150 Parkway.

“Parkway” means that portion of a street other than a roadway or a sidewalk. (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.085.)

10.04.160 Pedestrian.

“Pedestrian” means any person who is afoot or who is using a means of conveyance propelled by human power other than a bicycle. (CVC § 467) (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.090.)

10.04.170 Person.

“Person” means every natural person, firm, partnership, association or corporation. (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.100.)

10.04.180 Police officer.

“Police officer” means every officer of the police department of this City. (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.110.)

10.04.190 Shall and may.

“Shall” is mandatory and “may” is permissive. (CVC § 15) (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.120.)

10.04.200 Stop.

“Stop,” when required, means complete cessation of movement. (CVC § 587) (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.130.)

10.04.210 Stop or stand.

“Stop” or “stand,” when prohibited, means any stopping of a vehicle, bicycle or pedestrian except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with direction of a police officer or official traffic-control device. (CVC § 587) (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.140.)

10.04.220 Timed parking.

“Timed parking” means a restriction of time indicated by signs or other suitable means, that limits vehicle parking within a parking space, street or off-street parking area. (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.145.)

10.04.230 Tour bus.

“Tour bus” means any bus or other commercial vehicle operated for hire to transport sightseers or tourists wherever licensed, exceeding a maximum gross weight limit of three tons and used primarily for transport of passengers for compensation. It does not include school buses or buses transporting passengers over regular routes within the City where the routes are specifically designated by the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) or approved by the City. (CVC § 612) (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.150.)

10.04.240 Traffic.

“Traffic” means pedestrians, ridden animals, vehicles, streetcars, and other conveyances either singly or together, while using any highway for purpose of travel. (CVC § 620) (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.160.)

10.04.250 Traffic engineer.

“Traffic engineer” means the City engineer who shall exercise the powers and duties as provided in this title, the traffic ordinances of this City and the CVC. Whenever the traffic engineer is required or authorized to place or maintain official traffic-control devices or signals, he/she may cause such devices or signals to be placed or maintained. (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.165.)

10.04.260 Traffic hazard.

“Traffic hazard” means a condition where peril is created by the parking or driving of a motor vehicle or bicycle upon a public roadway or public off-street parking facility. Such hazard may be a condition where traffic flow is directed into an opposing traffic lane or across a centerline, drivers are required to stop on a through roadway to avoid conflict with the vehicle, or there is a visual obstruction that compromises the safety of other vehicles or pedestrians. (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.170.)

10.04.270 Vehicle or motor vehicle.

“Vehicle” or “motor vehicle” means a device by which any person or property may be propelled, moved, or drawn upon a highway, excepting a device moved exclusively by human power or used exclusively upon stationary rails or tracks. (CVC § 670) (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.04.180.)