Chapter 6.2 Traffic (Traffic Ordinance)

6.2.10 Purpose of this Chapter

This Chapter serves as the City of La Habra Heights Traffic Ordinance.

6.2.20 Traffic Regulations

Except as hereinafter provided, Title 15, Vehicles and Traffic, Division 1, Traffic Code and Division 2, Miscellaneous Regulations, of the Los Angeles County Code as amended and in effect on June 29, 2006, is hereby adopted by reference as the City of La Habra Heights Traffic Ordinance. The following amendments have been made to Title 15:

A.    Vehicles Transporting Hazardous Materials. A vehicle transporting a hazardous material or substance (as identified in Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations) must adhere to all applicable County, State, and Federal regulations. Further, Harbor Boulevard is the only designated route for the transport of hazardous materials through the City.

B.    Vehicles in Excess of Three (3) Tons Prohibited on City Streets. No person shall drive or operate any vehicle in excess of three (3) tons unladen vehicle weight on any street within the City. This Subsection does not apply to vehicles exempt by County or State statutes and regulations, or to the following:

1.    Emergency vehicles, as defined in Section 165 of the California Vehicle Code.

2.    Any vehicle operated or used in connection with the installation, operation, maintenance or repair of any public utility or any street.

3.    Any vehicle operated in accordance with Sections 1031 through 1036 of the California Public Utilities Code.

4.    Any passenger vehicle operated, engaged and used for the sole and exclusive purpose of picking up or discharging passengers at any location upon any street.

5.    Any vehicle entering or leaving the City by direct route when necessary for occasional pickup or delivery of merchandise to or from any location within the City.

6.    Any vehicle entering or leaving the City by direct route when delivering materials to be used in any project for which an encroachment permit or a building permit has been obtained.

7.    Any vehicle the use of which is expressly authorized in connection with any use permitted pursuant to Article 7 of this Code, so long as the vehicle is operated in accordance with all Conditional Use Permits or other land use approvals, all conditions thereof, and all other applicable laws and regulations.

8.    Any vehicle entering or leaving the City by direct route to and from a street address at which the vehicle is regularly and lawfully parked.

C.    Traffic Speed Limits. Speed limits for City streets shall be twenty-five (25) miles per hour or less unless otherwise determined in accordance with the provisions of the California Vehicle Code.

D.    Citation and Penalties. The violations covered by this Chapter shall be considered an infraction with a fine amount of two hundred fifty ($250.00) dollars. (Ord. 2007-01 § 1)