Article 7
Development Code and Zoning Ordinance

Section Contents

Chapter 7.1    Introduction to Article 7

7.1.10    Purpose of this Article

Chapter 7.2    Application of Development Code and Zoning Ordinance

7.2.10    Purpose of this Chapter

7.2.20    Application of Development Code and Zoning Ordinance

Chapter 7.3    Zone Districts

7.3.10    Purpose of this Chapter

7.3.20    R-A Zone (Residential-Agricultural Zone)

7.3.30    OS-C Zone (Open Space-Conservation Zone)

7.3.40    OS-R Zone (Open Space-Recreation Zone)

7.3.50    OS-RP Zone (Open Space-Resource Production Zone)

7.3.60    PF Zone (Public Facilities Zone)

7.3.70    SPO Zone (Specific Plan Overlay Zone) & IO Zone (Institutional Overlay Zone)

7.3.80    Land Use Restrictions Summary

Chapter 7.4    Cannabis Regulations

7.4.10    Purpose of this Chapter

7.4.20    Definitions

7.4.30    Commercial Cannabis Uses

7.4.40    Penalty for Violation

Chapter 7.5    Nonconforming Structures, Land Uses and Lots

7.5.10    Purpose of this Chapter

7.5.20    Applicability of this Chapter

7.5.30    Modifications to Existing Legal Nonconforming Structures

7.5.40    Modifications to Existing Legal Nonconforming Uses

7.5.50    Nonconforming Lots

7.5.60    Review of Existing Nonconformities as Part of Development Review Process

Chapter 7.6    Noise and Lighting Standards

7.6.10    Purpose of this Chapter

7.6.20    Applicability of this Chapter

7.6.30    Performance Standards for Noise Control and Light and Glare

7.6.40    Development Standards for Noise Control

7.6.50    Development Standards for Light and Glare Control

Chapter 7.7    Congestion and Traffic Demand Management Standards

7.7.10    Purpose of this Chapter

7.7.20    Definitions

7.7.30    Impact Analysis for Projects Requiring an EIR

7.7.40    Applicability of Requirements

7.7.50    Development Standards

7.7.60    Monitoring

7.7.80    Enforcement

Chapter 7.8    Wireless Telecommunication Facilities

7.8.10    Purpose of this Chapter

7.8.20    Exempt Telecommunication Facilities

7.8.30    Application and Permitting Process

7.8.40    Findings of Approval

7.8.50    Locational Standards

7.8.60    Design and Screening Criteria

7.8.70    Site Development Standards

7.8.80    Sustainability

7.8.90    Operational Standards

7.8.100    Standard Conditions of Approval

7.8.110    Operation and Maintenance Standards

7.8.120    Duration, Revocation and Discontinuance

7.8.130    Federal Preemption

Chapter 7.9    Sign Standards

7.9.10    Purpose of this Chapter

7.9.20    Applicability of this Chapter

7.9.30    Development Standards for Signs

7.9.40    IO Zone Standards for Signs

7.9.50    Allowed Signs

7.9.60    Prohibited Signs

Chapter 7.10    Animal Keeping Development Standards

7.10.10    Purpose of this Chapter

7.10.20    Applicability of this Chapter

7.10.30    Performance Standards for Animal Keeping

7.10.40    Development Standards for Animal Keeping

7.10.50    Findings Required for Approval of a Standards Modification for Animal Keeping Standards

Chapter 7.11    Setback and Yard Use Standards

7.11.10    Purpose of this Chapter

7.11.20    Applicability of this Chapter

7.11.30    Performance Standards for Yards

7.11.40    Development Standards for Yards

7.11.50    Uses and Development Permitted and Prohibited in Yards

7.11.60    Findings Required for Approval of a Standards Modification for Yards and Setbacks

Chapter 7.12    Landscaping Standards

7.12.10    Purpose of this Chapter

7.12.20    Applicability of this Chapter

7.12.30    Performance Standards for Landscaping

7.12.40    Development Standards for Landscaping

7.12.50    Tree Preservation

7.12.60    Findings Required for Approval of a Standards Modification for Landscaping

Chapter 7.12.5    Water Efficient Landscaping    Purpose of this Chapter    Definitions    Applicability of Water Efficient Landscape Requirements    Landscape Design and Plant Requirements    Irrigation Requirements    Soil and Grading Requirements    Implementation    Compliance and Enforcement    Irrigation Audit and Maintenance    Recycled Water    Stormwater Management    Water Waste Prevention    Public Education

Chapter 7.13    Parking and Access Standards

7.13.10    Purpose of this Chapter

7.13.20    Applicability of this Chapter

7.13.30    Performance Standards for Parking and Access

7.13.40    Development Standards for Parking and Access

7.13.50    Findings Required for Approval of a Standards Modification for Parking

Chapter 7.14    Lot Development Standards

7.14.10    Purpose of this Chapter

7.14.20    Applicability of this Chapter

7.14.30    Performance Standards for Lot Development

7.14.40    Development Standards for Lot Development

7.14.50    Findings Required for Approval of a Standards Modification for Lot Development

Chapter 7.15    Prohibition on Short Term Rentals

7.15.10    Short Term Rentals Prohibited

7.15.20    Advertisements Prohibited

7.15.30    Violations and Penalties

Chapter 7.16    Reserved

Chapter 7.17    Grading, Retaining Walls and Hardscape Standards

7.17.10    Purpose of this Chapter

7.17.20    Applicability of this Chapter

7.17.30    Performance Standards for Grading, Retaining Walls and Hardscape

7.17.40    Development Standards for Grading, Retaining Walls and Hardscape

7.17.50    Findings Required for Approval of a Standards Modification for Grading, Retaining Walls and Hardscape

Chapter 7.18    Building Design Standards

7.18.10    Purpose of this Chapter

7.18.20    Applicability of this Chapter

7.18.30    Performance Standards for Building Design

7.18.40    Development Standards for Building Design

7.18.50    Findings Required for Approval of a Standards Modification for Building Design

Chapter 7.19    Zoning Administration

7.19.10    Purpose of this Chapter

7.19.20    Applicability of this Chapter

7.19.30    General Plan Amendments

7.19.40    Specific Plan Amendments

7.19.50    Zoning Map or Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment

7.19.60    Conditional Use Permits

7.19.70    Variances

7.19.80    Standards Modifications

7.19.90    Indemnification

7.19.100    Required Approval Authorities

7.19.110    Minor Exception

Chapter 7.20    Development Agreements

7.20.10    Purpose

7.20.20    Application

7.20.30    Development Agreement Hearings

7.20.40    Contents of Development Agreement

7.20.50    Execution and Recordation

7.20.60    Periodic Review

7.20.70    Effect of Development Agreement

7.20.80    Amendments or Extensions to Development Agreements

Chapter 7.22    SB 9 Two (2) Unit Projects

7.22.10    Purpose

7.22.20    Applicability

7.22.30    Definitions

7.22.40    Applicants; Approving Authority

7.22.50    Objective Development Standards

7.22.60    Grounds for Denial

7.22.70    Standards Specific to Two (2) Unit Projects

7.22.90    Fire Hazard Mitigation

7.22.100    Separate Conveyance

7.22.110    Further Discretionary Approvals

7.22.120    Restriction of Uses

7.22.130    Notice of Construction

7.22.140    Deed Restriction

7.22.150    Special Penalties for Violations

Chapter 7.28    Accessory Dwelling Units and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units

7.28.010    Purpose

7.28.020    Effect of Conforming

7.28.030    Definitions

7.28.040    Approvals

7.28.050    General ADU and JADU Requirements

7.28.060    Specific ADU Requirements

7.28.070    Fees

7.28.080    Nonconforming ADUs and Discretionary Approval