Chapter 6.5 On-Street Parking

6.5.10 Purpose of this Chapter

The purpose of this Chapter is to establish prohibitions related to on-street vehicle parking. For purposes of this Chapter, on-street parking is defined as the parking of any vehicle within three (3) feet from the edge of pavement. The development of any permanent parking area is subject to the additional restrictions found in Article 7.

6.5.20 On-Street Parking Prohibition

In addition to those restrictions imposed by state law, the following on-street parking limitations apply in the City of La Habra Heights:

A.    Overnight on-street parking is prohibited on all roads in the City of La Habra Heights. Temporary on-street parking is permitted when and where it does not interfere with or obstruct the safe use of the street or adjacent properties

B.    On-street parking is never allowed if such causes a significant increase in hazards for users of the road by narrowing useable pavement width to a degree causing impeded passage or access or by obstructing sight distance.

C.    Parking is prohibited on Hacienda Road and Harbor Boulevard within the City.

D.    No person shall park, leave standing, or store upon any roadway or other place open for vehicular travel within the City limits of the City of La Habra Heights, any vehicle, as defined in Vehicle Code Section 670, for more than seventy-two (72) consecutive hours.

In the event a vehicle is found to be in violation of subsection D of this section, the vehicle may be removed as provided in California Vehicle Code Section 22651(K), or any successor provision thereto. (Ord. 2017-01 § 2)

6.5.30 Citations and Towing

The procedures for the citation of illegally parked vehicles, the towing of vehicles, and the retrieval of vehicles are governed by the applicable state statutes.