Chapter 5-12


5-12.010    Definitions.

5-12.020    Sanitary facilities to be provided.

5-12.030    Sanitary facility specifications.

5-12.040    Sanitary facility specifications in special situations.

5-12.010 Definitions.

The following terms as used in this chapter shall, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, have the respective meanings herein set forth:

“Building Inspector” means the Superintendent of Building and Safety of the county of Orange.

“Health Department” means the Health Department of the county of Orange.

“Person” means any person, firm, corporation or any county, municipal corporation or public district of the state of California.

“Sanitary facility” means water flush toilet approved by the Health Department connected to an approved sewage disposal system or chemical type toilet approved by said Health Department.

“Work” means the erection, construction, alteration, repair, razing, adding to, removal or demolition of any building or buildings; the construction or repair of any street, road, highway, railroad, installation of sewers, water lines; or the improvement of any grounds for parks, playgrounds, airports or for any similar purpose. (OCC § 4-3-1)

5-12.020 Sanitary facilities to be provided.

It is unlawful for any person to commence or proceed with any work unless before commencing or proceeding with said work adequate and suitable sanitary facilities are provided for the use of persons employed on said work. The sanitary facilities provided shall be located upon the site upon which such work is being done, or in case it is impractical to locate said facilities upon the site, such sanitary facilities must be located not more than two hundred fifty (250) feet from the site of the work. Not less than one sanitary facility shall be provided for each twenty (20) persons or fraction thereof employed upon the work. (OCC § 4-3-2)

5-12.030 Sanitary facility specifications.

All sanitary facilities shall be completely enclosed on all sides and top and shall be equipped with a self-closing door. The floor of the enclosure shall be six inches above ground level and shall be smooth, and screened ventilation shall be provided for sanitary facility compartment. All sanitary facility enclosures shall have an inside area of at least fifteen (15) square feet for each sanitary facility enclosed. Each sanitary facility enclosure shall contain at least one sanitary facility with seat and cover and one separate urinal. The ceiling height of the sanitary facility enclosure shall be a minimum of six inches. (OCC § 4-3-3)

5-12.040 Sanitary facility specifications in special situations.

On work employing not more than fifteen (15) persons at any time on any premises that does not abut any street, alley or easement in which a public sewer is available for connection or for the erection of a single dwelling a pit privy may be maintained in lieu of the sanitary facilities referred to in Section 5-12.030 of this chapter. The privy vault shall be at least three feet in depth and not less than six square feet in area.

The foundation or floor thereof and the riser and seat therein shall be so constructed and maintained as to provide a completely fly-tight vault. No privy shall be constructed or maintained within four feet of the property line or within ten feet of any sidewalk or public way or within fifty (50) feet of any residence or any premises used for residential purposes. No privy shall be built or maintained within a radius of five hundred (500) feet from any grocery store, delicatessen, meat market, public eating place or school or within one hundred (100) feet of a water well. Whenever the use of a privy vault is discontinued, the vault contents shall be covered to a depth of not less than one foot with compacted earth. (OCC § 4-3-4)