Chapter 5-20


5-20.010    Declaration of purpose.

5-20.020    Definitions.

5-20.030    Administration of vehicle registration fee.

5-20.040    Expenditure of air quality trust fund revenues.

5-20.050    Audits.

5-20.060    Legal construction.

5-20.010 Declaration of purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to support the Southern California Air Quality Management District’s (SCAQMD) imposition of the vehicle registration fee and to bring the city into compliance with the requirements set forth in Section 44243 of the Health and Safety Code in order to receive fee revenues for the purpose of implementing programs to reduce air pollution from motor vehicles. (Prior code § 5-10.005)

5-20.020 Definitions.

As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have meanings as set forth below.

“Fee Administrator” means the Finance Director of the city or his or her designee.

“Mobile source air pollution reduction programs” means any program or project implemented by the city to reduce air pollution from motor vehicles which it determines will be consistent with the California Clean Air Act of 1988 or the plan proposed pursuant to Article 5 (commencing with Section 40460) of Chapter 5.5 of Part 3 of the California Health and Safety Code. (Prior code § 5-10.010)

5-20.030 Administration of vehicle registration fee.

A.    Receipt of Fee. The additional vehicle registration fees disbursed by the SCAQMD and remitted to the city, pursuant to this chapter, shall be accepted by the Fee Administrator.

B.    Establishment of Air Quality Improvement Trust Fund. The Fee Administrator shall establish a separate interest-bearing trust fund account in a financial institution authorized to receive deposits of city funds.

C.    Transfer of Funds. Upon receipt of vehicle registration fees, the Fee Administrator shall deposit such funds into the separate account established pursuant to subsection B of this section. All interest earned by the trust fund account shall be credited only to that account.

(Prior code § 5-10.020)

5-20.040 Expenditure of air quality trust fund revenues.

All revenues received from the SCAQMD and deposited in the trust fund account shall be exclusively expended on Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Programs as defined in Section 5-20.020 of this chapter. Such revenues and any interest earned on the revenues shall be expended within one year of the completion of the programs. (Prior code § 5-10.030)

5-20.050 Audits.

The city consents to an audit of its mobile source air pollution reduction programs or projects funded by vehicle registration fee revenues received from the SCAQMD pursuant to Section 44223 of the Health and Safety Code. The audit shall be conducted by an independent auditor selected by the SCAQMD in accordance with Sections 44244 and 44244.1(a) of the Health and Safety Code. (Prior code § 5-10.040)

5-20.060 Legal construction.

The provisions of this chapter shall be construed as necessary to effectively carry out its purposes, which are found and declared to be in furtherance of the public health, safety, welfare, and convenience. (Prior code § 5-10.050)