Chapter 1.08


1.08.010    Established.

1.08.020    Defined.

1.08.030    Grades – Establishment.

1.08.040    Grades – Specified by other regulations.

1.08.050    Sidewalks – Slope requirements.

1.08.010 Established.

All grades for streets, alleys, public grounds and sidewalks within the City shall be referred to and established from a plane of reference whose grades shall be defined as zero and above which all elevations shall be given in feet and decimals of a foot. [Ord. 68 § 1, 1897].

1.08.020 Defined.

The plane of reference provided for in LEMC 1.08.010 is defined to be the plane lying at mean sea level, set by the U.S. Geological Survey. The reference elevation is to be the bronze tablet stamped “1305” on the right-hand side of the corner entrance of the Ambassador Hotel at Prospect Street and Main Street in the City. The reference elevation is defined as “1305.953” as stated in Bulletin 766 “Spirit Leveling in California” page 42 thereof, as published by the U.S. Geological Survey. [Ord. 304 § 1, 1949; Ord. 68 § 2, 1897].

1.08.030 Grades – Establishment.

Grades shall be established at all street intersections and at such summits in between as may be desirable. The term “grade” means the grade of the top of the curb line at street intersections and summits. Each curb shall be carried around the corner on a level until opposite the property line in each direction, and the grades established at such corners shall be understood as referring to the top of the curb of such level portions. The grade line of the curb shall be an unbroken line between adjacent points on the top of the curb where the grade thereof has been established. [Ord. 68 § 3, 1897].

1.08.040 Grades – Specified by other regulations.

Grade lines may also be established between other points than those specified in this chapter when so particularly named and specified in the ordinance establishing the same. [Ord. 68 § 4, 1897].

1.08.050 Sidewalks – Slope requirements.

The surface of all sidewalks shall slope upwards and away from the top of the curb at the rate of one-fourth of an inch for every foot of width. [Ord. 68 § 5, 1897].