Chapter 3.20


3.20.010    Duties of County Assessor and County Tax Collector.

3.20.020    Payment to City Treasurer.

3.20.030    State Act to govern.

3.20.010 Duties of County Assessor and County Tax Collector.

The duties of the Assessor and Tax Collector of the City relating to the assessing and collecting of City taxes shall be hereafter performed for the fiscal year 1920 by the County Assessor and County Tax Collector in the manner as provided by an act of the legislature of the State entitled “An Act to Provide for the Levy and Collection of Taxes by and for the Use of Municipal Corporations and Cities Incorporated under the Laws of the State of California, Except Municipal Corporations of the First Class and to Provide for the Consolidation and Abolition of Certain Municipal Officers and to Provide that their Duties may be Performed by Certain Officers of the County and Fix the Compensation to be Allowed for Such County Officers for the Services so Rendered to Such Municipal Corporation,” approved March 27, 1895. [Ord. 138 § 1, 1920. Code 1987 § 3.12.010].

3.20.020 Payment to City Treasurer.

The net amount of all taxes collected for the City by said County Tax Collector shall be paid to the Treasurer of the City under the general requirements and penalties provided by law for the settlement of other taxes. [Ord. 138 § 2, 1920. Code 1987 § 3.12.020].

3.20.030 State Act to govern.

All taxes for City purposes upon taxable property in the City shall be hereafter levied and collected under the provisions of the Act mentioned in LEMC 3.20.010. [Ord. 138 § 3, 1920. Code 1987 § 3.12.030].