Chapter 5.100


5.100.010    Definitions.

5.100.020    Permit – Required.

5.100.030    Hours when prohibited.

5.100.040    Permit – Application.

5.100.050    Permit – Transferability – Revocation.

5.100.060    Attendance of police officer.

5.100.070    Permit – Fee.

5.100.010 Definitions.

For the purpose of this chapter, certain words and phrases shall be construed as set forth in this section:

“Dinner-dancing place” means a place where music is provided and the public is permitted to dance without payment of a fee.

“Private dance” means a dance which is limited to those persons individually invited to which no admittance charge is made, or a dance conducted by any bona fide club, society, or association, organized or incorporated for benevolent, charitable, dramatic, literary or dancing purposes, having an established membership, and which holds meetings other than such dances at regular stated intervals, when proceeds, if any, arising from such dances, are used for the purposes of such club, society or association.

“Public dance” means any dance open to the public for an admittance fee or charge which is held on one day only.

“Public dance hall” means a place where dancing is regularly conducted as a business, whether for profit or not for profit, and to which the public is admitted, whether with or without charge, and where the public is allowed to participate in said dancing either with or without charge. [Ord. 1001 § 19, 1995; Ord. 343 § 1, 1953. Code 1987 § 5.68.010].

5.100.020 Permit – Required.

No person shall conduct any public dance hall, public dance, or dinner-dancing place in the City unless said person shall obtain a permit so to do as provided in this chapter.

Any person conducting a private dance shall be required to file an application for permit 48 hours prior to the event; however, said person shall not be required to pay the prescribed fee. [Ord. 1001 § 19, 1995. Code 1987 § 5.68.020].

5.100.030 Hours when prohibited.

It is unlawful for any person, association or persons, corporation, or company to conduct or assist in conducting any public dance, or operate any dance hall or dancing club in the City between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. on any day of the week. [Ord. 1001 § 19, 1995; Ord. 425-A § 2, 1964; Ord. 343 § 2, 1953. Code 1987 § 5.68.030].

5.100.040 Permit – Application.

Applicants for permits under this chapter shall file a written, signed and acknowledged application with the Director of Finance showing:

A. The name and permanent address of applicant;

B. The date, hours and location where said dance or dancing is proposed, and the admission fee, if any, to be charged;

C. The name or names of the person or persons having the management or supervision of applicant’s business;

D. The length of residence of applicant within the City;

E. A statement of the nature and character of applicant’s business, if any, to be carried on in conjunction with such dancing;

F. Whether or not the person or persons having the management or supervision of applicant’s business have been convicted of a crime; the nature of such offense; and the sentence received therefor;

G. Such other reasonable information as to the identity or character of the person or persons having the management or supervision of applicant’s business as the Council may deem necessary. [Ord. 1001 § 19, 1995. Code 1987 § 5.68.040].

5.100.050 Permit – Transferability – Revocation.

Such permit shall not be transferable to another permittee or to another location without the consent of the Council, and shall be posted in a conspicuous place at the location where the dance is held, and shall be revocable for cause by the City. [Ord. 1001 § 19, 1995; Ord. 343 § 3, 1953. Code 1987 § 5.68.050].

5.100.060 Attendance of police officer.

The City is empowered to require a police officer to be in attendance during said public dance or may waive said requirement. In the event that the attendance of a police officer is required, as herein provided, the applicant for said public dance shall pay such fee as may be established and said payments shall be made to the City. [Ord. 1001 § 19, 1995; Ord. 343 § 4, 1953. Code 1987 § 5.68.060].

5.100.070 Permit – Fee.

A permit fee, as set by resolution, shall be collected by the City for each permit issued under the terms of this chapter in addition to the amount deposited to defray the expense of a police officer to be in attendance. Each permit shall bear the date, hours and address of such dance, and will not be issued for more than one dance. [Ord. 1001 § 19, 1995; amended 1987; Ord. 402 § 1, 1962; Ord. 343 § 5, 1953. Code 1987 § 5.68.070].