Chapter 5.104


5.104.010    Defined.

5.104.020    Permit required.

5.104.030    Permit – Issuance.

5.104.040    Permit – Application – Requirements.

5.104.050    Permit – Revocation or suspension.

5.104.060    Permit – Exceptions.

5.104.010 Defined.

“Rummage sale,” as used herein, includes the sale or offering for sale to the public of any secondhand property, merchandise, goods, or junk, including reclaimed or salvaged goods, by any charitable, religious, eleemosynary, fraternal, benevolent, or other nonprofit organization, or any individual purporting to act on behalf of charity, for the real or purported purpose of devoting the proceeds to charitable or benevolent purposes. [Ord. 346 § 1, 1953. Code 1987 § 5.72.010].

5.104.020 Permit required.

No rummage sale shall be held, conducted, or advertised without a permit therefor from the Community Development Director. [Amended 1987; Ord. 346 § 2, 1953. Code 1987 § 5.72.020].

5.104.030 Permit – Issuance.

The Community Development Director shall issue not more than one permit to any one organization or individual in any quarter of the calendar, year. Such permit shall be valid only for the particular three-day period specified thereon, shall be issued without charge, shall not be transferable, and shall be valid only for the one location specified thereon. [Amended 1987; Ord. 346 § 3, 1953. Code 1987 § 5.72.030].

5.104.040 Permit – Application – Requirements.

A rummage sale permit shall be issued only upon written application, verified by a person who is to be in effective control of the conduct of the sale, which shall certify that the proceeds of the proposed rummage sale will be devoted to charitable purposes, and that the applicant, if it is an organization, is a nonprofit organization. The denial of any such application or the revocation or suspension of any rummage sale permit shall not affect the right of the applicant to apply for a secondhand or junk dealer’s license, upon payment of the required fees therefor and otherwise complying with applicable ordinances. [Ord. 346 § 4, 1953. Code 1987 § 5.72.040].

5.104.050 Permit – Revocation or suspension.

Any permit issued hereunder may be revoked or suspended, and any subsequent application within one year denied, for the willful violation of the law in the conduct of the sale, or whenever the City Council finds that the sale is being conducted for private gain or profit and not for charitable purposes. [Ord. 346 § 5, 1953. Code 1987 § 5.72.050].

5.104.060 Permit – Exceptions.

No rummage sale permit shall be required of any person who holds a valid license and permit to engage in the secondhand business or in the junk business, for which he has paid the regular license fees. [Ord. 346 § 6, 1953. Code 1987 § 5.72.060].