Chapter 5.64


5.64.010    Chapter purpose.

5.64.020    Administration.

5.64.030    License – Issuance – Fee.

5.64.040    Licensing standards.

5.64.050    Appeal.

5.64.060    Preparation of regulations.

5.64.010 Chapter purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to provide for the licensing of persons (entities) to engage in the business of selling concealed weapons in the City, as provided for in Part 4, Title 2, Chapter 1, Article 4 (commencing with Section 12070) of the Penal Code. By this reference, said Article 4 is incorporated herein. [Ord. 534 § 1, 1974. Code 1987 § 5.44.010].

5.64.020 Administration.

There is vested in the Sheriff of the County authority to administer this chapter. [Ord. 534 § 2, 1974. Code 1987 § 5.44.020].

5.64.030 License – Issuance – Fee.

The Sheriff shall issue the local licenses to sell concealed firearms described in Section 12071 of the Penal Code pursuant to the standards set forth in LEMC 5.64.040. Upon issuance of a license, it is valid for the remainder of the calendar year in which it is issued and may be renewed for a period of one year at a time thereafter. The initial fee for a license is $100.00 and the renewal fee is $50.00. [Ord. 534 § 3, 1974. Code 1987 § 5.44.030].

5.64.040 Licensing standards.

The Sheriff shall not issue a license, and is required to revoke a license, unless all of the following are present:

A. The person involved is not one of the class of persons described in Sections 12021 and 12021.5 of the Penal Code.

B. The building involved in the business of selling concealed weapons contains such security features as the Sheriff deems necessary for such a business establishment.

C. The licensee is continuing his business in the manner provided for in Sections 12071 through 12079 of the Penal Code. [Ord. 534 § 4, 1974. Code 1987 § 5.44.040].

5.64.050 Appeal.

Whenever the Sheriff refuses to issue a license or revokes a license, such decision is final unless the person involved requests a hearing before the City Council. Such request shall be in writing and directed and delivered to the City Clerk of the City within 10 days after the Sheriff refuses to issue or revokes a license, who shall then cause the matter to be on the agenda of the next regular meeting of the City Council. The City Council shall thereupon set a time and place for a public hearing regarding the sufficiency of the reasons of the Sheriff in refusing to issue the license or revoking the license in question. At the time and place set for hearing, the City Council shall hear all relevant evidence and issue its decision which is final. The hearing shall be held within 20 days after the request. [Ord. 534 § 5, 1974. Code 1987 § 5.44.050].

5.64.060 Preparation of regulations.

The Sheriff shall from time to time prepare regulations designed for the purpose of effectuating the intent of this chapter and the intent of the provisions of the Penal Code described in LEMC 5.64.010. Such regulations shall be presented to the City Council for its approval, rejection or modification. Such regulations, as approved, shall be enforced by the Sheriff as to the regulations of the City Council regarding the carrying out of the provisions of this chapter. [Ord. 534 § 6, 1974. Code 1987 § 5.44.060].


For statutory provisions on control of deadly weapons, see Penal Code § 12000 et seq.