Chapter 8.20


8.20.010    Accumulation of inflammables unlawful.

8.20.020    Burning unlawful.

8.20.030    Fire permit.

8.20.040    Incinerator use restriction.

8.20.050    Extinguishment.

8.20.010 Accumulation of inflammables unlawful.

It is unlawful to allow any accumulation of combustible or inflammable material, wood, trash, waste, paper, rags or other debris of any kind, or to allow the growth or accumulation of weeds, dry grass, leaves, shrubbery or other inflammable matter in the City, which will constitute a fire hazard. [Ord. 355 § 1, 1954].

8.20.020 Burning unlawful.

A. It is unlawful to burn or permit to be burned on one’s property any matter described in LEMC 8.20.010, or any rubbish, paper, or household accumulation of trash, or to conduct or permit to be conducted on one’s property, a pit barbecue, unless such burning is done pursuant to a fire permit issued by the Chief of the Fire Department, or his authorized agent, except as hereinafter provided.

B. Campfires will be allowed only in stoves and fire rings on premises zoned and licensed for recreational purposes, which stoves and fire rings are in a location approved by the Chief of the Fire Department, or his authorized agent.

C. Small outdoor fires and barbecues used only for cooking food for human beings on premises zoned and lawfully used for residential purposes shall be permitted. [Ord. 651 § 2, 1982; Ord. 355 § 2, 1954].

8.20.030 Fire permit.

The Chief of the Fire Department or his authorized agent is authorized to issue fire permits and to set forth therein the time when such burning will be permitted and such other conditions as may be reasonably necessary to ensure the safety of persons and property from such fire. No general fire permit shall be issued, but a separate permit shall be required for each fire. [Ord. 355 § 3, 1954].

8.20.040 Incinerator use restriction.

The Fire Chief is authorized to make or cause to be made periodic inspections of all incinerators and their locations, and to prohibit the further use of any incinerator not located, used, or constructed in accordance with this chapter. [Ord. 355 § 4, 1954].

8.20.050 Extinguishment.

All fires in the City must be extinguished when so ordered by the Chief of the Fire Department in order to prevent danger to persons, property, or the spread of such fire. [Ord. 355 § 5, 1954].


For statutory provisions on the abatement of weeds and rubbish, see Government Code § 39501 et seq.