Chapter 8.42


8.42.010    Purpose.

8.42.020    Definitions.

8.42.030    Rules and regulations.

8.42.040    Signage and posting requirement.

8.42.050    Hazardous recreational activity.

8.42.060    Enforcement.

8.42.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish a comprehensive set of rules and regulations for the use of public skate park facilities in the City of Lake Elsinore. [Ord. 1335 § 1, 2015].

8.42.020 Definitions.

For purposes of this chapter, the following terms, phrases, words, and derivations shall have the meaning given in this section:

“BMX bike” means a bicycle with a stout frame, knobby tires, and 20-inch wheels, typically used for racing on such a dirt track and for performing tricks.

“Department” means the City of Lake Elsinore Department of Community Services.

“Director” means the Director of the City of Lake Elsinore Department of Community Services or his or her designee.

“Public skate park facility” means any facility, structure or area in which skateboarding, in-line skating and roller skating are permitted pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, which is owned by the City, and which has been designated as a “public skate park facility” by the City.

“Roller skates” or “in-line skates” means any shoe, boot or other footwear to which one or more wheels are attached.

“Scooter” means any device that has at least two wheels with a low foot board between the wheels that is steered by a handlebar and is propelled by pushing one foot against the ground while resting the other on the foot board.

“Skateboard” means any platform of any composition or size to which two or more wheels are attached and which is intended to be ridden or propelled by one or more persons standing or kneeling upon it and to which there is not affixed any seat or any other device or mechanism to turn and control the wheels. [Ord. 1335 § 1, 2015].

8.42.030 Rules and regulations.

A. All skaters must skate safely and responsibly. No skater may enter a public skate park facility when it is already being used to capacity. When skaters are waiting to enter, a time limit of 20 minutes per person shall be imposed.

B. Persons participating in recreational activities at a public skate park facility or other areas designated by the City Council for activities, which include the use of skateboards, in-line skates or roller skates, shall wear the following safety equipment at all times: helmet with fastened safety strap, elbow pads and knee pads. Those using skateboards or in-line scooters must wear shoes (no bare feet or sandals).

C. All children under 12 years of age who wish to utilize a public skate park facility must be accompanied by an adult (18 or older). Non-skaters shall not enter the park unless accompanying an underage child.

D. The hours of the operation for a public skate park facility will be posted at each public skate park facility. Any person attempting to use a public skate park facility during any other time shall be subject to immediate ejectment, in addition to any other penalties provided in this chapter.

E. Public skate park facilities are for roller skates, in-line skates, scooters, skateboards, and BMX bikes. Any other use is not permitted in or on a public skate park facility whatsoever. No moveable obstacles or outside materials (e.g., ramps/jumps) are allowed in the park.

F. Use of profanity, abusive language, violence and/or weapons is prohibited and shall result in automatic expulsion from a public skate park facility.

G. Skating is not permitted when surfaces are wet, icy or slippery.

H. No alcohol, drugs, smoking, glass containers, food or drink is permitted within a public skate park facility. Skating is also not permitted while being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

I. Loud music or excessive noise shall not be permitted at a public skate park facility.

J. No person shall enter in or on a public skate park facility with an animal.

K. The Director may set forth any other rules and regulations for the use of a public skate park facility which he or she deems appropriate; provided, that signs describing such rules and regulations are placed and posted pursuant to LEMC 8.42.040. [Ord. 1335 § 1, 2015].

8.42.040 Signage and posting requirement.

In order to provide reasonable notice to the public, the Director shall place and post signs in one or more conspicuous and visible area(s) of the skate park facility designating the facility, structure or area as a public skate park facility. The sign shall also specify the rules and regulations established pursuant to this chapter and prohibiting the activities described in this chapter. The signs required pursuant to this section shall cite the respective code section being invoked and list a method for reporting violations should they occur. [Ord. 1335 § 1, 2015].

8.42.050 Hazardous recreational activity.

The use of any public skate park facility shall be deemed a hazardous recreational activity within the meaning of California Government Code Section 831.7. The City of Lake Elsinore may not be held liable for injuries incurred by persons who participate in any such hazardous recreational activity. [Ord. 1335 § 1, 2015].

8.42.060 Enforcement.

The Director shall have the authority to eject and expel from any public skate park facility any person who is in violation of this chapter. Any person failing to comply with the provisions of this chapter shall be subject to citation or other applicable enforcement authority available to the City. [Ord. 1335 § 1, 2015].