Chapter 10.24


10.24.010    Authority.

10.24.020    Route designation.

10.24.030    Weight limitation.

10.24.040    Signs required.

10.24.050    Exceptions.

10.24.010 Authority.

The City Council may prohibit the use of any street, other than a designated truck route, by any commercial vehicle exceeding a specified maximum gross weight limit. Any such prohibition shall be established in the manner provided herein. [Ord. 932A, 1992; Ord. 808 § 1, 1987].

10.24.020 Route designation.

Any street within the City may be designated as a truck route. Any such designation shall be made by a resolution of the City Council. [Ord. 808 § 1, 1987].

10.24.030 Weight limitation.

Whenever any such designated truck routes are so established, no person shall operate or park any commercial vehicle exceeding a maximum gross weight limit of three tons on any street, or portion thereof, except those streets so designated as truck routes. [Ord. 932A, 1992; Ord. 922, 1991; Ord. 808 § 1, 1987].

10.24.040 Signs required.

The provisions of this chapter shall not be effective until and unless appropriate signs are erected identifying designated truck routes. Said truck route signs shall indicate that certain vehicle weight restrictions apply to all streets within the City other than designated truck routes. [Ord. 808 § 1, 1987].

10.24.050 Exceptions.

The vehicle weight restrictions established herein shall not be effective for any of the following:

A. Vehicles subject to the provisions of Sections 1031 through 1036 inclusive of the Public Utilities Code.

B. Vehicles owned by a public utility or a licensed contractor while necessarily in use in the construction, installation, or repair of any public utility.

C. Commercial vehicles coming from an unrestricted street having ingress or egress by direct route to and from a restricted street when necessary for the purpose of making pickups or deliveries of goods, wares and merchandise from or to any building or structure located on the restricted street or for the purpose of delivering materials to be used in the actual and bona fide repair, alteration, remodeling or construction of any building or structure upon the restricted street for which a building permit has been previously obtained. [Ord. 808 § 1, 1987].


For statutory provisions regarding local regulation of truck traffic, see Vehicle Code § 35700 et seq.