Chapter 16.20


16.20.010    General requirements.

16.20.020    Size requirements.

16.20.030    Side lines.

16.20.040    Frontage.

16.20.050    Abutting rights-of-way.

16.20.060    Division of jurisdiction.

16.20.070    Blocks.

16.20.080    Merging of contiguous lots or parcels.

16.20.090    Fee for examination of lot merger application.

16.20.100    Notice – Hearing before Planning Commission – Determination of nonmerger.

16.20.010 General requirements.

All lots created in a division of land shall conform to the minimum requirements of the zoning ordinance and the master plan as adopted by the City for the particular zoning, use, and classification in which the development is being constructed. [Ord. 529 § 3.3(A), 1973].

16.20.020 Size requirements.

A. All lots shall meet the area, frontage, width, depth, and building setback requirements of the zone within which said lots are located; provided, however, that in its consideration of any land division, the City Council may determine that a greater than minimum lot size is necessary:

1. For the proper protection of the public health, safety and general welfare;

2. To be consistent with the general pattern established in the vicinity; or

3. To maintain the value of property in the vicinity.

B. When lots or parcels twice or more the required area or width are shown on a division of land the City Council may require such lots or parcels to be so established as to make practical a further division into allowable building sites, without injury to adjoining property.

C. Lot sizes and arrangement shall be compatible with lots in the surrounding area. [Ord. 529 § 3.3(B), 1973].

16.20.030 Side lines.

A. Side lines of lots shall be at approximately right angles to the street lines, except where terrain or street design makes such lot lines impractical.

B. Whenever practicable, side and rear lot lines shall be located along the top of slopes instead of at the toe or at intermediate locations. [Ord. 529 § 3.3(C), 1973].

16.20.040 Frontage.

A. All lots shall have frontage upon a public or private street which shall be open to and usable by vehicular traffic, and all lots shall have a minimum 20-foot-wide direct vehicular access to such street.

B. Double frontage lots shall be avoided, except where essential to provide separation of residential development from traffic arteries, or where required by unusual or excessive topographic conditions. When double frontage lots are permitted access rights shall be dedicated to the City along the street designated by the City Council. [Ord. 529 § 3.3(D), 1973].

16.20.050 Abutting rights-of-way.

Wherever practicable, subdivisions of property abutting rights-of-way for freeways, expressways, railroads, transmission lines, and flood-control channels shall be so designed as to create lots which back up to said rights-of-way. [Ord. 529 § 3.3(E), 1973].

16.20.060 Division of jurisdiction.

No lot shall be divided by a City, County, school district, or other taxing agency boundary line. [Ord. 529 § 3.3(F), 1973].

16.20.070 Blocks.

A. Blocks shall not be less than 250 feet in length.

B. Blocks shall not be over 2,700 feet in length, except along major highways, or where topographical conditions or previous highway or street layouts require a different length.

C. The City Council shall require the installation of pedestrian ways in blocks over 1,200 feet in length. [Ord. 529 § 3.3(H), 1973].

16.20.080 Merging of contiguous lots or parcels.

A. Notwithstanding other sections of this title, four or fewer contiguous parcels under common ownership may be merged without reverting to acreage; provided, that the merger is approved by the Director of Community Development and an instrument evidencing such merger is recorded with the County Recorder.

B. Applications to merge contiguous parcels shall be made to the Director of Community Development on forms provided by the Planning Department, and shall be accompanied by the fee specified in LEMC 16.20.090, and the following:

1. An exhibit, drawn to scale, delineating the existing parcel boundaries and the location of existing structures and easements.

2. Copies of grant deeds for the existing parcels.

3. An exhibit, drawn to scale, delineating the boundaries of the parcel after the merger.

4. A legal description of the new parcel as merged.

5. Preliminary title report.

6. Written consent of all owners of record interest.

C. The Director of Community Development shall transmit a completed application to the City Engineer for review and recommendation and shall grant approval of the request for merger, if:

1. The parcels to be merged are, at the time of merger, under common ownership and written consent has been obtained from all record owners.

2. The parcel as merged will be consistent with the zoning of the property.

3. The parcel as merged will not conflict with the location of any existing structures on the property.

4. The parcel as merged will not be deprived access as a result of the merger.

5. Access to the adjoining parcels will not be restricted by the merger.

6. No new lot lines are created through the merger.

D. The Director of Community Development shall submit to the County Recorder for recordation the new legal description and exhibit within 20 days after it has been approved by the Director of Community Development. [Ord. 740 § 1, 1985].

16.20.090 Fee for examination of lot merger application.

A fee for the examination of lot merger application shall be paid at the time of its filing to be deposited into the general fund. The fee shall be in an amount as shown on a schedule established by resolution of the City Council and shall be nonrefundable. [Ord. 740 § 2, 1985].

16.20.100 Notice – Hearing before Planning Commission – Determination of nonmerger.

Notice to owners and opportunity for a hearing before the Planning Commission shall be provided as specified in the Subdivision Map Act. A determination of nonmerger may be made by the City, whether or not the affected property meets the standards for merger. [Ord. 740 § 3, 1985].