Chapter 16.44


16.44.010    Installation – Generally.

16.44.020    Information to accompany plans.

16.44.030    Existing roads.

16.44.040    Installation – Underground.

16.44.050    Electrolier energy and maintenance charges.

16.44.010 Installation – Generally.

The land divider shall install all of the street improvements within the land division and adjacent thereto consisting of curbs, gutters, sidewalks, pavement, traffic signs, street trees and streetlights in accordance with the City standards. [Ord. 529 § 6.7(A), 1973].

16.44.020 Information to accompany plans.

All field notes, cross-sections, and all other pertinent information as deemed necessary by the City Engineer shall be submitted to the City Engineer prior to approval of the street improvement plans. [Ord. 529 § 6.7(B), 1973].

16.44.030 Existing roads.

Where a land division or any part thereof lies along an existing improved public highway or road, the land divider shall improve or agree to improve the area of such highway or road lying between the centerline and the right-of-way line or for a total minimum width of 40 feet, whichever is greater.

If the improvement to be performed is upon a portion of a highway which the City is contemplating improving within 12 months, the City may elect to improve the portion thereof otherwise required to be improved by the land divider. In such event, the land divider shall, prior to the approval of the final map, pay to the City in full discharge of the land divider’s obligation herein provided for, a sum equal to the estimated cost to the City of performing improvement required to be performed by the land divider. The improvement will be performed by the City and will be done at the time the City improves the highway. [Ord. 529 § 6.7(C), 1973].

16.44.040 Installation – Underground.

All underground utilities, sanitary sewers, and storm drains installed in streets, service roads, alleys, or highways shall be constructed prior to the surfacing of such streets, service roads, alleys, or highways. Connections for all underground utilities and sanitary sewers shall be laid to such lengths which will alleviate the necessity for disturbing the street or alley improvements when service connections are made. [Ord. 529 § 6.7(D), 1973].

16.44.050 Electrolier energy and maintenance charges.

Where electroliers are installed, the land divider shall be required to pay the City the estimated cost of the illumination energy and maintenance charges to be incurred for a period of one year following the anticipated date of energizing the streetlights. These costs shall be estimated by the City Engineer. The amount of the charges shall be included in the amount of the bond posted for streetlight installation. The charges shall be paid prior to the exoneration of said bonds posted by the developer. [Ord. 529 § 6.7(E), 1973].