Chapter 16.46


16.46.010    Placement of cable television system – Notification.

16.46.010 Placement of cable television system – Notification.

When the tentative map indicates that underground power and/or communication utility systems are to be provided, the subdivider shall determine whether the subdivision is within the geographical area granted by the City of Lake Elsinore to a franchisee for the placement of a cable television system. In the event the subdivision is within such a geographical area, the final map of any such subdivision shall not be approved until the subdivider submits evidence that it:

A. Has notified each such franchisee that the subdivision is within its franchise area, that underground utility trenches are to be open as of an estimated date, and that the franchisee will be allowed access to such trenches, including trenches from proposed streets to individual homes or home sites, on specified terms and conditions which shall be no less favorable to franchisee than to any other franchisee or utility;

B. Has received a written notification from each franchisee that the franchisee intends to install its facilities during the open trench period on the specified terms and conditions, or such other terms and conditions as are mutually agreeable to subdivider and franchisee, or has received no reply from a franchisee within 21 days after its notification to such franchisee, in which case the franchisee will be deemed to have waived the opportunity to install its facilities during the open trench period. In the event that a final tract map has already been approved prior to the date of this chapter for any subdivision within the geographical area granted to a franchisee, the City shall not approve any building permit or other request for final approval relating to the subdivision until the subdivider has complied with the foregoing. [Ord. 841, 1988].