Chapter 16.52


16.52.010    General requirements.

16.52.020    Supply and dedication.

16.52.030    Dedication of subsurface water rights.

16.52.010 General requirements.

All required water storage and distribution facilities shall be installed by the land divider to serve each lot within the land division and shall be of such size and design to adequately satisfy the domestic and fire demands. All water facilities shall be installed in accordance with City standards. [Ord. 529 § 6.9(A), 1973].

16.52.020 Supply and dedication.

The domestic water for a land division shall be supplied by the City. The water distribution system and appurtenances thereto shall be installed within streets or easements either existing or to be offered for dedication to the City. [Ord. 529 § 6.9(B), 1973].

16.52.030 Dedication of subsurface water rights.

The land divider shall dedicate to the City, by separate grant deed, all rights to subsurface entry, for purposes of developing said water, prior to recordation of the final map. [Ord. 529 § 6.9(C), 1973].