Chapter 16.56


16.56.010    General requirements.

16.56.030    Private disposal system.

16.56.040    Connection fees.

16.56.050    Information to accompany plans.

16.56.060    Dedications.

16.56.010 General requirements.

All sewer facilities shall be installed in accordance with the City standards. The sewer facilities shall be of such size and design to adequately serve each lot within the land division and all existing or future tributary areas. [Ord. 529 § 6.10(A), 1973].

16.56.030 Private disposal system.

Where sanitary sewer service is not available, a private sewage disposal system for each lot as required by the ordinance establishing standards for private sewage disposal systems shall be constructed; provided, however, that a dry sanitary sewer system shall also be constructed within the subdivision and on the boundary streets, as required by the City Engineer. [Ord. 529 § 6.10(C), 1973].

16.56.040 Connection fees.

In addition to any other fees required by this title, the land divider shall pay a sewer connection fee to the City prior to recordation of the final map. The sewer connection fee shall be in an amount as shown on a schedule established by resolution of the City Council. [Ord. 529 § 6.10(D), 1973].

16.56.050 Information to accompany plans.

All design calculations, including field notes, flow rates, percolation data, and pipe sizing, shall be submitted, along with the sewer improvement plans, to the City Engineer for approval. [Ord. 529 § 6.10(E), 1973].

16.56.060 Dedications.

The sanitary sewer system and appurtenances, except for private disposal systems, shall be installed with roads or easements either existing or to be offered for dedication to the City. [Ord. 529 § 6.10(F), 1973].